Post-close QC Audits


Our post-close QC audits are structured to provide you with in-depth feedback and analysis on your agency guidelines adherence. We ensure that our auditors successfully complete testing and training prior to auditing any live production files. We also monitor all new guideline releases from the GSEs and make sure our audit processes adapt to new guidelines.


Why us?

Experienced staff

We leverage our extensive mortgage experience to provide a comprehensive solution. Our auditors know what to look for to keep you compliant.

High-quality information

Our auditors know what advice will help you the most. We check your files for compliance with required guidelines, ways to reduce your risk and improve your process, common trends, and suspected fraud.

Flexible trend reports

Our web-based QC reporting system allows you to run customized reports on common audit findings, trends, loan scores, underwriter performance, and any other specific information you need.

Excellent customer service

We ensure that our domain experts are always accessible to provide answers to your compliance questions and to discuss findings on your reports. We also answer electronic requests, usually within one day.

Fast turnaround

We provide timely updates to help you make informed decisions. We deliver a management report within 30 days from the delivery of files, helping you notify Fannie Mae if your QC cycle is behind by more than 30 days.


How do we deliver value?

In our many years as a national quality control provider, our audits have been reviewed by all major agencies and our audits are structured to follow the guidelines of:

  • Fannie Mae
  • Freddie Mac
  • FHA
  • VA
  • USDA

We offer the following post-close audit reviews:

  • Random and statistical sampling post-close
  • Discretionary post-close
  • Early payment defaults
  • Customized post-close
  • Cancelled / denied / FHA rejected / adverse action

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