Our People

We strongly believe that delivering next-generation insurance solutions calls for people who bring valuable learning from yesterday, and know what it takes to turn the challenges of today into strong performance that pays off tomorrow. That's what drives all of us at Infosys McCamish - to be as committed to your growth as you are - even when the going gets tough.

One team, one goal

Strong leadership from senior partners combined with the talent of trusted associates is what enables our teams to deliver high-quality results. Our corporate culture promotes an environment where business achievement is regarded as a team effort with all members working toward a common goal.

Leaders you can trust to be your advisors

Our leadership team has a strong reputation for delivering high-quality services and solutions to the industry. They have been successfully converting clients to our platform since 1996. They pride themselves on being accessible, and will work closely with you to transform your insurance operations, optimize your distribution channels, and grow your top line.

Associates who stand out with their experience

Our associates are well-versed in servicing life insurance and annuity products. The average experience level of our BPM employees, in the insurance and annuity business, is 14 years. Their work experience spans end-to-end BPM and call center activities, such as product questions, policy specific information, policy value inquiries, disbursement processing, fund transfer / reallocation processing, and non-financial changes such as address or beneficiary changes.

Getting better at what we do best

Infosys McCamish has a demonstrated track record of success in servicing life insurance and annuity products. To sustain our reputation for excellence in the marketplace, we carry out regular talent-building and diversity initiatives These programs are designed to enhance employment opportunities through strategic partnerships that are in line with our business goals.

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