Infosys® McCamish NGIN is an industry-leading platform for policy administration for the global life insurance and annuity industry. Aimed at improved operational efficiency and reduced time to market, this cloud-native platform is purpose built with distinct design principles that will help your business to transform and accelerate profitable growth.

This go-to platform is customer, distribution and business operation pleasing, with a comprehensive set of functionalities across the entire spectrum of life and annuity product lines.



The Infosys McCamish NGIN platform provides evolutionary architecture, is configurable, extensible, observable and scalable, built for geo extensibility with high automation, using open source products.

The architecture of NGIN is based on microservices paradigm, which enables better evolvability, scalability, and observability. Business processes for the life insurance platform are being re-imagined to enable improvement in the costs of operations. Some of the design principles include:

  • Interface first, channel-friendly architecture
  • Configurable and extensible modular offerings
  • Independently composable and swappable plug-and-play components
  • Cloud native
  • Zero-touch deployment, zero-touch testing, and zero-touch problem analysis
  • Zero-touch customer service and straight-through processing
  • Fault-proof technology and fault-tolerant processes
  • Usability-centric design
  • One click upgrades due to core and extension framework concept
  • Telemetry capabilities


Infosys McCamish NGIN is a customer & distribution pleasing single go-to policy administration platform, with a comprehensive set of functionalities across the entire spectrum of life and annuity product lines.

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Infosys McCamish NGIN is user-friendly and promotes a superior digital experience for policyholders and distributors. Key benefits include:

  • Geo and tax independent for rapid global deployment
  • Superior customer experience maximizing touchless transactions
  • Faster roll-out of new products with up to 75% reduction in time-to-market
  • Ultimate scalability and availability
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Easy upgrades

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