PMACS® Platform


The PMACS® solution has 6 components that can be plug-and-play into existing carrier’s producer management infrastructure:

PMACS® producer on-boarding
  • Background verification process
  • Verification of pre-registration
  • Pre-licensing examination, product and carrier training
  • NIPR integration
  • Online contract and appointment
  • Personal disclosures
  • e-signature enabled
  • Built-in workflow and document management
  • Fully automated
PMACS® producer management
  • Dynamic authority to sell
  • License, appointments, registrations and renewals
  • Track continuing education and product training
  • Maintain producer demographics, contracts and selling agreements
  • Integrated with DTCC, NIPR and appointment vendors
  • Support complex hierarchies and multiple relationships
  • Scheduled and ad-hoc reports to cater all the needs
  • Full-fledged audit capability
PMACS® compensation management PLUS performance management accelerator
  • Calculate commissions and overrides
  • Support complex compensation hierarchies
  • Pay commissions through multiple channels
  • Calculate chargebacks/ debit balances
  • Commission statement aggregator
  • View and approve trial statements
  • Integrated with disbursement systems for commission payouts
  • Full-fledged data warehouse to cater to all reporting needs
  • PLUS All the capabilities of our Performance Management Accelerator product
PMACS® performance management accelerator
  • Individual and group performance goals
  • Flexible goal structure
  • Track performance by individual, team and product
  • Support performance-based incentive management
  • Standard interfaces
  • Correspondence
  • Gamification-enabled
  • Full-fledged data warehouse to cater to all reporting needs
PMACS® producer portal
  • Self-service option for producers
  • Producer demographics and regulatory compliance details
  • Hierarchy based access alerts on pending business
  • Commission history and statements
  • Aggregate performance measures
  • Social networking features
  • Blast news
PMACS® leads management
  • Fully automated leads lifecycle management
  • Source agnostic leads capture process
  • Ability to aggregate leads generated from various internal and external source
  • Intuitive assignment of the leads to producers with a unique “Producer – Lead Mapping” algorithm
  • Detailed dashboard for home office users
  • Ability to link leads conversion to producer performance driving sales effectiveness
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