PMACS® Platform


Our solution modules can be deployed individually or as a suite of modules. These modules provide comprehensive features to effectively manage processes across the distribution management value chain.

PMACS ® is a flexible, multitiered, browser-based application that automates the management of a client’s sales force. It is scalable and data source independent ¾ you can easily retrieve information from the relational database using a J2EE compliant user interface or a variety of electronic data interface (EDI) options. PMACS ® provides the tools you need to:

  • Add new producers and specify their reporting relationships with little or no user data entry.
  • Systematically calculate and pay compensation in accordance with the producer’s contract or selling agreement. The commission schedules and rates are established in PMACS ® and vary by product and financial transaction. A DTCC interface is available for transmitting commissions to selling organizations.
  • Consistently maintain producer status by monitoring appointment and license renewals, continuing education requirements and other factors that can lead to the suspension of their ability to sell. A DTCC interface is available for registering agent licenses and appointments.
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