VPAS® Policy Administration System (VPAS® PAS)

The Customer Service Work Desk is a web-based front-end to a policy administration platform. While the system achieves the maximum efficiency when connected to VPAS® PAS, where it takes full advantage of the SOA framework, it can be wrapped around any policy administration platform. For example, Infosys McCamish uses VPAS® CSWD to front end three Cobol-based policy administration systems that were lifted and shifted into our data center. VPAS® CSWD is built on the Pegasystems Insurance BPM Framework to manage each policy service process from end-to-end. The platform provides a configurable service experience by carrier, insurance product, and event customer:

  • Configurable web-based views of policy information, policy changes and financial transactions
  • Scripted call center views and process maps
  • SOA integration to all Infosys McCamish core platforms, including: VPAS® PAS, VPAS® NBF, PMACS®
  • Chronological view of every service event
  • SOA driven view of all documents relating to a policy, including every inbound customer contact and every system produced document sent to the policy owner
  • Automatic initiation of BPM / workflow items for multi-step or interrupted processes
  • Automatic creation of bar-coded forms
  • Metrics tracking and reporting for all work processes, including real-time dash boards to manage the work in process