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'Right-sizing' your change initiatives to suit your organizational culture

Multiple studies indicate that people and organizational issues are the number one source of project failure to achieve benefits. Programs work when people know what is expected of them, when they have the skills and tools to meet expectations, and when they are held accountable.

We help you manage the people and organizational risks that hinder program success – avoiding business disruptions and value leakage. While we specialize in Organizational Change Management for outsourcing, we have the skills and experience to help you manage the people side of any business change.

Why is Organizational Change Management important to your transformation?

It helps your people be "ready" to work in the new way…

  • When users are slow to adopt a new way of working, that lost time translates to lost benefits
  • When Shadow functions, processing, or "checkers" are retained in the organization, the business will incur costs that erode projected corporate benefits
  • If people don't know how to use a tool or work with a provider - and how to do it quickly and in response to issues - it could result in lost sales, delayed shipments, duplicate purchases or payments, and other issues that cause negative bottom-line impact
How we deliver value

We 'right-size' your change initiatives to suit your organizational culture / challenges. We work with you to define the biggest risks to success and arrive at an optimal of mix change management interventions to best manage that risk at lowest cost. We help you capture value from your transformation with:

  • Diagnostic and delivery tools and techniques - accelerate identification of people and organizational risks throughout the change management process.
  • A variety of engagement models - from initial change program definition to full program management. Our alternatives represent a 'sliding scale' of service levels to meet your needs, capabilities and budget.
  • We also offer 'Subject matter expert' time - to support specific work streams (communications or job design) and specific events (leadership engagement, quality reviews, and ad-hoc OCM consulting).

Our BTS Organizational Change Management Framework

Organizational Change Management Framework

About our shared service offerings

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