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In today's dynamic business landscape, procurement transformation is essential for organisations seeking to adapt and thrive. By embracing digital innovation, optimising costs, and strengthening supply chain resilience, procurement transformation enables businesses to navigate disruptions, broaden business objectives, foster strategic partnerships, drive innovation, and enhance customer satisfaction. Additionally, prioritising sustainability and compliance initiatives ensures ethical sourcing practices and meets evolving regulatory requirements.

In this edition, we feature a series of articles discussing how the adaptive model empowers procurement teams to proactively anticipate shifts in supplier landscapes, regulatory requirements, and customer demands, enabling them to optimise sourcing strategies, mitigate risks, capitalise on emerging opportunities, and gain a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Adapting the adaptive approach

As organisations continue to plan and embark on enterprise-scale transformation projects, the adaptive model ensures transformation that defies a rigid, locked-in master plan, and embraces cohesive integration.

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Embracing adaptive agility

No single change transforms society, but an ongoing series of iterative changes does. In procurement, it would begin with focusing on people and organisation. The adaptive approach in this regard will ensure the adoption of smaller, simpler, and more flexible changes.

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Adaptive model for process and governance

When talking about transformation, attention to the dimensions of process and governance cannot be ignored. In this regard, while traditional “major change” transformation approaches are high risk, an adaptive model is much safer.

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