Annotation Services

The benefits of data annotation outsourcing

Training data is unquestionably one of the most tedious tasks in machine learning. Although human intervention is frequently necessary for tasks such as labelling unstructured data to prepare the training data for your model, it is laborious and time-consuming, making it underwhelming for qualified and well-paid data scientists. This is why many businesses outsource their data annotation projects to take advantage of affordable labour on a large scale. Research indicates that by 2028, the global market for data annotation will be worth $8.22 billion.

Despite the widespread acceptance data annotation outsourcing, many businesses still prefer in-house experts to annotate their data. While the motivation behind this step is to reduce costs associated with data annotation outsourcing projects, people need to pay more attention to several factors and touchpoints that eventually cost them more. Many stakeholders believe that choosing internal data annotation outsourcing modules will enable them to cut costs and finish AI development projects on a reasonable budget. But that's when costs start to accumulate. These choices force managers to suffer losses for a variety of reasons, such as inadequate datasets or data generation touchpoints, a lack of pertinent data, an abundance of unstructured data, overhead costs for team training on data annotation, the need to rent or buy annotation software, and more.

Here's why data annotation outsourcing makes sense

Although hiring a service provider to label and annotate your company's data may initially seem unnecessary, it will ultimately be more cost- and time-effective. If you're still debating whether to hire data annotation vendors, here are some advantages of data annotation outsourcing.

Domain expertise with data annotation outsourcing

Data annotators are qualified experts with the necessary domain knowledge for their jobs. They know the best annotation techniques for various data types, the best methods for annotating bulk data, the best ways to clean unstructured data, and much more. Data annotators will ensure that the final data you receive is flawless and can be directly fed into your AI model for training.

Scalability of data

The more you train your model, the more intelligent it gets. Never assume that you won't ever require additional data volumes. The smooth operation of your AI development process depends on scalability, which cannot be attained solely by your in-house experts. Only seasoned data annotators can meet changing demands and supply reliable dataset volumes.

Unbiased data annotation

When internal teams annotate company data, there is scope for bias. Every single employee or team member may share beliefs to some degree, depending on the protocols, processes, methodologies, work culture, and other factors. When such biases seep into a machine learning model, it delivers results that are not as objective as they should be. Bias could result in a negative reputation for your company. Given that training datasets are one of the first places bias appear, it is ideal to delegate the task of mitigating bias to data annotators, who then provide accurate and diverse data.

High-quality datasets with data annotation outsourcing

An AI model is only as good as the training data fed to it. Because of this, when you input bad data, it produces inaccurate or irrelevant results. When you use internal sources to create your datasets, you will likely find irrelevant, inaccurate, or inadequate datasets. Your internal data touchpoints are dynamic; basing the preparation of training data on them will only make your AI model less robust.

Moreover, the members of your team could be annotating data inappropriately. Factors such as extensive bounding boxes, incorrect colour codes, and others could cause machines to make unintentional assumptions and learn inaccurate things. Data annotators excel at producing superior-quality datasets. They can identify inaccurate annotations and know how to gather the highest standard data for your business.

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How can Infosys BPM can help with data annotation outsourcing?

At Infosys BPM, we work with clients' data science teams to create high-quality training data for AI at scale using a platform plus a human-in-the-loop service model, which frees up the teams' time and resources to work on strategic objectives like developing and enhancing the AI model itself.