Content diversification: A tool for growth

Your 3-year-old brand, which was astonishingly robust and energetic, is now showing signs of sluggish growth. The company’s Facebook page, which until recently attracted scores of views and testimonials from happy customers, seems rather subdued. Where did your existing and prospective customers go? Assuming other parameters, like product quality, price points, customer service, etc., are spot on, chances are that your customers, bored or satiated with your marketing, are shopping around, tempted away by fresher, more innovative content.

It’s no secret that consumers are spoilt for choice with the prodigious variety of content marketing messages aimed at them. From plain vanilla emails to blogs, podcasts, infographics, videos and social media posts, there’s something for everyone. Savvy marketers know the mantra to leverage this situation to their advantage —content diversification; and it’s pretty much essential for brand visibility and growth.

There are plenty of reasons to diversify your content. Here are some important ones:

Spread your risks, protect your brand

The adage about not putting all your eggs in one basket still holds good. The hot new media platform you’re on today may attract flocks of viewers, but that’s not going to be the case forever. Consumer preferences can shift, or the platform may change its algorithms and suddenly, your brand is no longer visible. If your audience cannot find you online, they will move on. To protect, strengthen and maintain your brand presence, it’s a safer bet to be active on several channels. That way, you will never be caught off guard; in a crisis, it will be easier to recoup and move on. Focus on channels that offer the maximum benefits; don’t rule out traditional marketing methods either, like advertising or writing for print media.

Walk in step with your customers

Where can customers learn about your brand? How can they decide whether to buy your product/service? Diversifying is not about blindly spreading content across channels. It’s about knowing where your customers are and being there. Nowadays, they are typically active on several channels.

Acquire meaningful data

With patterns of content consumption changing rapidly, you can acquire better insights into customer preferences and needs when you are present across a number of platforms. This will help you in designing smarter and more relevant content suited to each channel.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty of content diversification, does being present across multiple channels mean generating shoals of new content? Not necessarily. Repurposing is a smart way to derive mileage from existing content and distribute it more effectively, so integrate it into your content marketing strategy. Here are some repurposing ideas to get you going:

  1. Create short, snappy videos using content from older blog posts, and bingo, your brand suddenly looks fresh, new, and exciting.
  2. All long-form content is fodder for repurposing. Repurpose a whitepaper, for instance, into an e-book and you have created a reader-friendly product with useful information and a visually-appealing format.
  3. Speaking of visuals, research shows that infographics can provide a strong boost to your viewership. That could explain why, according to one survey, 67 percent of B2B marketers focus heavily on developing infographics. Mine your blog posts for interesting data, repurpose them into infographics and publish them on appropriate social media sites.
  4. Conversely, if you have previously published a detailed industry survey or report, pick out interesting data and repurpose it as a short or long-form blog post.
  5. Select sub-headings from a blog post, write snippets of content under each and you have several threads to populate your Twitter account.
  6. Let’s not forget audio. You could, for instance, embed an audio file on your blog for consumers who prefer listening to reading. Blogs can also be repackaged into podcasts.

How do you identify which content is worth repurposing? From your content library, select high-quality material that is still relevant. Use Google Analytics to learn which posts continue to attract traffic. Research keywords to understand which of them resonate on social media. For example, if topics linked to your blogs show up in good numbers on YouTube, that’s a pointer for you to create videos from your blog content on these subjects.

Content diversification is a must in today’s business environment where consumer likes and attitudes shift continually. While diversifying your content, you don’t have to constantly generate new ideas. Get creative instead by repurposing your existing content to enable better distribution. Share your content in varied formats to cover your customers’ varying tastes and preferences.

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