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Interactive content: The perfect business–consumer symbiosis

To be human is to interact.

It matters to us when our opinions and preferences are given value. One of the ways that people and brands narrate their experiences is by sharing content in the digital world. Since the advent of creative content marketing, the methods of interaction have been rapidly advancing to become more personalised, with engaging experiences tailored to suit individual users. Interactive content is part of a new, future-ready digital content strategy that’s poised to capture the attention of the ‘right eyes’ to differentiate a brand from the rest.

What is interactive content?

An interactive content can be defined as a two-way conversation between a brand and their consumers in the form of tools and formats such

  • Calculators for interest rates, buy versus rent calculators, and tax calculators

  • Polls and surveys

  • Interactive games and infographics (or engagographics)

  • Demos and simulations

  • Augmented reality ads

  • 360-degree videos

Think about the videos created for users just by the options they select or infographics that come alive with each choice. Such interactive engagement formats expand the horizons of online customer experience. They let a passive customer become an active participant, thereby increasing preference, trust, and loyalty towards the brand.

Interactive content creation services have already impacted the market for one big reason — they are hard to ignore:

  • 93% of marketers find interactive content useful in educating buyers about their products.
  • 81% of marketers believe interactive content grabs the attention of the audience.
  • In one instance, a single online quiz helped generate $1 million in revenue.

Get in the game: How interactive content delivers big wins for brands

Interactive content is already grabbing attention and forging stronger brand messages — many businesses can reap the advantages of interactive content creation in formats and at platforms that their target audience prefers. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

  • Stronger engagement with the target audience:

    Interactive content is highly customer centric as it focuses on customer experience, appreciation, and demand. With reduced attention span and deluge of content, customers rarely read through a guide or an article, even if it’s a well-written one. Interactive content is shown to be more likely to prompt not just immediate but sustained engagement compared with traditional marketing methods, which cause content fatigue. Only customer-centric, knowledge-based engagement that’s personalised and rewarding helps win customer loyalty and trust.
  • Market trackability:

    Incorporating interactive content in digital marketing strategies allows brands to gather copious amounts of market information that helps with future marketing goals. For instance, the number of clicks on the play button in a game; views, downloads, comments, or shares for a video; or participants in a quiz help determine the product-positive market spots, connect with the target audience, and gain more customers.
  • Better customer awareness and education:

    Few things inform your strategy to collect and acquire ample data on customers as engaging interactive content formats do. Each customer’s response gives a deep insight into their preferences, interests, and choices as per age, gender, geography, culture, and other factors that let you develop better customer awareness and create customised results. It also efficiently educates customers on product choices and services that are best suited to their needs.
  • Higher sales:

    A successful interactive content creation strategy helps funnel qualified leads and convert potential customers from a viewer to a buyer. It provides an impactful and effective choice at the convenience of the customers that makes them more responsive to a product or a service.

Interactive content lets businesses of all sizes experience a dynamic shift in their marketing strategies and deliver results.

From converting checklists and engaging infographics, interactive videos, and creative surveys to encouraging consumers in conversations through comments and live chats, digital marketing teams can take small, incremental steps to maximise the advantages of interactive content.

How can Infosys BPM help?

Our team of designers, animators, and developers with diverse know-how in digital business helps enterprises stay on top of their digital marketing game. A combination of leading tools and technology along with global scale lets us meet rising demands of audiences for various clients.

Our digital interactive services include:

  • Content management, moderation, and validation

  • Creative design, including graphics, AR, and VR

  • Multi-channel marketing and social media services

  • Digital analytics and asset management support

Our deliverables ensure:

  • A customised operations framework

  • An enhanced customer experience

  • A scalable and flexible global delivery

Get in touch with us to create and develop a unique, future-ready marketing plan for your product or brand.

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