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The Infosys BPM Web & Social Media Analytics service partners with businesses and organisations to:

  • By leveraging our web analytics services, deep dive and generate actionable insights from unstructured online data
  • Transform your analytics journey through improved customer satisfaction and optimisation of digital assets to serve consumers better
  • Our set of web analytics solutions leverage advanced tech to enhance customer experience, increase revenue, and optimize spend.

Solve business-critical questions

Our Web & Social Media Analytics solutions are designed to solve business-critical questions across the consumers’ online journey and provide insights into the key factors influencing non-linear customer journey paths. We achieve this through a combination of deep domain expertise, analytics, machine learning, AI, and intelligent hyper automation to drive business outcomes.

Understand Behaviour
Enhance Experience
Increase Revenue
Optimise Spend

Our offerings

The solution provides a holistic view of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) of social media and websites. It combines data from disparate analytics platforms to provide insights at transactional and behavioral planes.


Empowers business users to make real-time decisions and effective marketing interventions.

The solution considers consumers’ or visitors’ footprints during the course of their digital social journey and generates actionable analytics. It provides multitude of insights around topics, sentiment, customers, etc., that businesses could leverage.


  • Deliver key insights on how the brand is compared with its competitors.
  • Identify customer needs and preferences across journey.
  • Help generate new targets and leads, as well as flag at-risk customers.
  • Identify influencers/advocates and measure social campaign performance.

The solution uses publicly available data from social platforms to monitor the health of social care through actionable insights.


  • Assess effectiveness of social customer service vis-à-vis competitors.
  • Identify factors driving incoming social customer service instances.
  • Measure social care KPIs.
  • Measure agent performance.

It’s a scalable and customisable solution that uses ML/DL techniques to analyse specific company/brand Twitter authors and categorise them as bots or genuine human authors.


  • Aids in the proper representation of a company's or followers' brand, helping them to refocus their marketing and operational goals.
  • Helps in increasing ROI of the social media ad campaigns by refining the targeted marketing list.
  • Reduces the number of spam tweets and declutters the dialogue for a corporation to focus on customer conversations.
  • Gives social customer care analysts significant time savings to focus on real issues.

The solution integrates customer behavioural patterns and artificial intelligence/machine learning techniques to develop a next product-to-buy recommendation system, offering insights to business users about the product mix, which is likely to meet customer needs/interests at the right point of time.


  • Identifies various factors potentially influencing product purchase behaviour
  • Helps in revenue enhancement by offering personalised cross-sell/up-sell recommendations
  • Enables efficient retention and loyalty strategies

The solution offers predictive analytics–led approach to estimate customers’ wallet size and then arrive at the share of wallet. This provides visibility into the untapped revenue opportunity/growth potential at an individual customer level as well as serves as a strong measure of the depth of customer relationship, which implies the strength of relationship between customers and their preferred brand.


  • Helps in estimating customers wallet size
  • Identifies customer segments with substantial wallet size and maximum revenue potential
  • Provides insights into areas where marketing and sales efforts can be further optimised

The analytics-based solution is specifically designed to help organisations with churn management through a significant proactive approach, leveraging predictive technique–based recommendation workflow. The solution distributes the customer base by their likelihood of churn and provides businesses with a deep understanding of the potential causes for the churn.


  • Provides appraisal of potential revenue at risk owing to customer churn in the future
  • Delivers deep understanding of the precursors to defection
  • Helps marketers to drive better interactions with customers based on their risk profiles
  • Enables targeted reactivation programs’ cost optimisation
  • Relays early signal information to drive efficiency of retention campaigns and retention rate

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