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In today’s rapidly evolving transformative environment, consumer behaviour is dynamic, and to a large extent, unpredictable. It becomes imperative for organisations to harness insights from their customers’ digital journeys and social media interactions. This can help organisations devise incisive marketing programs that provide an edge over competition.

Infosys BPM brings innovation, technical expertise, deep domain knowledge, and the unmatched power of artificial intelligence/machine learning and automation to deliver cutting-edge Smart Analytics solutions. Some examples are several hyper-automated solutions for tracking consumer behaviour patterns and their non-linear journey path on social media while ensuring security, quality, and regulatory compliance of data.

At Infosys BPM, we help uncover newer revenue streams by applying our enhanced/augmented digital solutions to end-to-end marketing requirements such as acquisition, growth, retention, and optimization through sales forecasting, targeting, placement, price point analysis, product development, product life cycle assessment, and competitor analysis.

Devise incisive marketing programs


Full stack of customer and marketing analytics solutions

  • Combines data from disparate social media and web analytics platforms and provides holistic visibility around Key Performance Indicators​ (KPIs)
  • Reports standardisation with visibility into best-in-class KPIs​
  • Track and measure website and social media effectiveness and performance​
  • Empowers users with trend analysis of key relevant metrics for effective interventions
  • Interactive front end with rich visualisation, which lets you explore data in any dimension and direction to ease decision-making​
  • Reduce cost of report production significantly​

  • Obtain key insights on how consumers feel about your brand, product, or service vis-à-vis competitors
  • ​Identify customer needs and preferences across user journey/phases​
  • Analyse customer sentiment and understand audience activity​
  • Generate new targets, leads, and flag at-risk customers​
  • Identify influencers/advocates​ who can possibly become brand ambassadors
  • Measure social campaign performance​
  • Refine online marketing strategies based on both positive and negative reactions of consumers​

  • Assess effectiveness of social customer service vis-à-vis competitors
  • Identify factors driving incoming social customer service instances
  • Measure social care KPIs such as Net Promoter Score
  • Analyse social customer service agent performance in terms of responding efficiency


  • Aids in the proper representation of a company's or followers' brand, helping them to refocus their marketing and operational goals.
  • Helps in increasing ROI of the social media ad campaigns by refining the targeted marketing list.
  • Reduces the number of spam tweets and declutters the dialogue for a corporation to focus on customer conversations.
  • Gives social customer care analysts significant time savings to focus on real issues.

  • Delivers insights into how active a user is and measures his/her ability to make connections and disseminate information through the network
  • Forms topic-level clusters and identifies an author as an influencer within each of the clusters and analyses the velocity of information flow within each network
  • Generates insights to mitigate crisis by helping in engaging with the right influencer on a specific topic
  • Helps in understanding the flow of information through social networks to detect stories before they happen
  • Helps in targeted marketing efforts by engaging the right influencer on a specific topic

  • Identifies various factors potentially influencing product purchase behaviour
  • Helps in revenue enhancement by offering personalised cross-sell/up-sell recommendations
  • Enables efficient retention and loyalty strategies

  • Helps in estimating customers’ wallet size
  • Identifies customer segments with substantial wallet size and maximum revenue potential
  • Provides insights into areas where marketing and sales efforts can be further optimised

  • Provides appraisal of potential revenue at risk owing to customer churn in the future
  • Delivers deep understanding of the precursors to defection
  • Helps marketers to drive better interactions with customers based on their risk profiles
  • Enables targeted reactivation programs’ cost optimisation
  • Relays early signal information to drive efficiency of retention campaigns and retention rate

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