Fraud Detection and Prevention Solutions

In these volatile and uncertain times, fraud detection has been a challenging problem for most organisations, specifically those operating in the banking, finance, telecom, retail, and e-commerce sectors. Infosys BPM helps these organisations grow securely and maximises revenue by providing faster and accurate fraud management solutions. Our comprehensive set of fraud detection and prevention analytics offerings bring in deep domain, data science, data, and visualisation capabilities to develop and deploy fraud solutions tailored to drive business outcomes. We help organisations analyse huge and complex data sets to detect anomalies, reduce false positives, and provide end-to-end advanced fraud solutions.



With a sudden spike in fraudulent activities, it is critical for retailers to choose a right partner to protect themselves from malicious transactions. Advanced AI, future-ready tech, and a team of experienced fraud detection specialists can make huge difference to the overall profitability.
Telecom fraud is rapidly emerging as one of the biggest sources of revenue loss among telcos and has also resulted in potential threats and vulnerabilities among interfacing applications, devices, payment gateways, and so on, which directly affect revenue and market share for telecom companies.
Financial Services
An increase in the adoption of digital channels has led to rise in fraud losses. Compromised credentials, leakage, and theft of personal information through social engineering, such as fake emails and calls, have further accelerated it.

Utility Theft, Leakage, and Fraud Management
Worldwide, fraud, theft, and leakages are major forms of revenue losses for utility companies. It is estimated that losses from fraud and leakage can be as much as 5–9% of the annual profit. There are various types of theft and leakages prevalent in power and electricity, water services, and gas & oil companies.


Fraud Management – Key digital solutions



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