Utility Theft, Leakage and Fraud Management

Self-Checkout fraud: Balancing customer experience with risk mitigation

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Utility Theft, Leakage and Fraud Management

Worldwide, fraud, theft and leakages are major forms of revenue losses for utility companies. It is estimated that losses from fraud and leakage can be as much as 5–9% of the annual profit. There are various types of theft and leakages prevalent in power and electricity, water services, and gas & oil companies. Since the infrastructure of utilities is largely automated and rely on large-scale computer networks, these systems are vulnerable and prone to cyberattacks from hackers and hostile powers.

Our Offerings

Infosys BPM helps utility companies detect and prevent theft and leakages with solutions such as:

Theft / Leakage and Fraud Analytics

  • Detect and prevent suspicious patterns using advanced analytics
  • Improve precision and recall using prescriptive analytics
  • Identify new controls and improve existing ones

Assessment and Automation Services

  • Gap analysis and due diligence of the existing processes
  • Process automation and integration

Theft / Leakage and Fraud Operations

  • Monitor, manage, and respond to alerts
  • Incident reporting and documentation

Proven Benefits

Potential savings

5x ROI
for the clients

False positives savings

false positives

AI/ML Models

emerging threats

AI/ML Models

better risk coverage

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