The Financial Services Analytics team delivers a comprehensive set of offerings with deep domain expertise and customised AL and ML capabilities as well as visualisation features to develop and deploy impactful solutions tailored to drive business outcomes. Our transformational analytics in the Financial Services sector boosts profit margins/productivity with operational excellence.

Our team partners with banks and other financial institutions to:

  • Deep dive and generate actionable insights from structured/unstructured data across products/portfolios
  • Transform our clients’ analytics journey through marked improvement in business critical metrices leading to enhanced customer experience


How we do?



The solution offers machine learning–driven approach to predict the possibility of dissatisfied customers approaching regulatory bodies for issue resolution. It provides an understanding of the key factors contributing to customer dissatisfaction along with root cause analysis.

  • Identify potential escalation
  • Minimize reputational risk
  • Improve NPS by up to 40%
  • Avoid financial penalties
  • Reduce customer churn by up to 15%

This is an analytical solution that facilitates the efficient management of the loan application pipeline (for processors) by prioritising ‘qualified or eligible applications’ based on the availability of various documents from borrowers. The solution also provides micro-segment analysis at various attributes level.

  • Improve cycle time vis-à-vis loan application processing
  • Enhance productivity improvements on loan queues by up to 40%​
  • Reduce customer churn by up to 15%
  • Boost conversion rate ​

This solution generates actionable insights by unlocking value from unstructured data of digital footprints left by banks’ customers on various social media channels. Such insights provide deep understanding of key focus areas for banks across products and services based on customers’ dissatisfaction drivers.

  • Help generate new targets and leads, as well as flag at-risk customers
  • Improve campaign success rate by up to 20%
  • Reduce customer attrition by up to 15%
  • Deliver key insights of the brand vis-à-vis its competitors
  • Identify and measure social campaign performance


This customizable analytics solution helps identify potential mortgage funding leakage opportunity in correspondent mortgage lending business. It also provides a comprehensive dashboard with a view of key metrics such as ‘approved-versus-rejected loan percentage,’ ‘loan status,’ ‘time span,’ ‘reason code analysis,’ ‘lender’s rating,’ etc., throughout the loan process lifecycle.

  • Maximise lending opportunities with reduced funding leakage
  • Improve ratio of ‘approved-versus-rejected loan’ by up to 21%
  • Identify potential opportunity savings for correspondent lending
  • Reduce time span of the overall processes by up to 25%

This scalable and customizable analytics solution operationalizes and automates business operations performance reporting for critical service levels and key metrices. It creates better visibility for the leadership, managers, and supervisors on reporting performance for the previous day, week till date (WTD), and month till date (MTD) rolls across SLAs.

  • Generate accurate and on-time performance reports for timely review
  • Reduce manual efforts by more than 98% in tracking critical service levels (CSLs)
  • Empower managers to proactively implement mitigation plans
  • Automated generation of reports in less than 1 minute
  • Offload ops bandwidth and capacity

This replicable analytics solution entails setting up a mechanism for performance monitoring of the clients’ vendors by identifying and tracking key business metrices in an automated manner. It performs diagnostic analysis of vendor performance and generates insights for holding the vendors accountable.

  • Monitor key metrices to track vendor performance
  • Reduce manual effort required for tracking vendor performance
  • Improve service-level tracking with clear callouts on a daily basis

This solution provides a holistic view of key performance indicators (KPIs) in various fields of Financial Services, such as:

  • Financial and regulatory reporting
  • Retirement services/asset management
  • Mortgage servicing
  • Campaign management, mortgage, credit cards, CASA, etc.


  • Deliver analytics insights to business users and enhance real-time decisions and effective interventions
  • Automate monitoring of key metrices through data consolidation and rich visualization
  • Reduce cost of report production significantly

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