Improve business decision-making with four types of data analytics

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We at Infosys BPM are proud to be one of the leading embedded analytics companies. Our Embedded Analytics seamlessly integrates analytical capabilities into existing business processes. By leveraging our embedded analytics in business processes powered by our proprietary Process Progression Model™, clients gain real-time visibility into performance across domains. We collaborate with leading partners to deliver tailored embedded analytics service offerings. Whether it’s supply chain optimization or customer experience management, our embedded analytics solutions empower users to access critical insights within familiar interfaces. Explore our comprehensive service offerings and let data guide your journey toward excellence!


Sub Offerings

Analytics for the Chief Financial Officer (Finance and accounting analytics)

Enables the Chief Financial Officer to manage cash flow, improve returns on investment and margins, and meet regulatory and compliance requirements.

Analytics for the Chief Marketing Officer (Sales and marketing (includes digital) analytics)

Equips the marketing team with insights to identify the correct target audience and right campaigns to drive business. Help measure and increase returns on marketing investments across channels and includes sentiment identification, campaign tracking through social media along with influencer and sentiment analysis.

Analytics for Chief Procurement Officer (Sourcing and procurement analytics)

Equips the procurement team with insights to reduce the sourcing spend (both direct and indirect), leverage spend consolidation opportunities, and improve contract utilization, improving the bottom line by making the buying process simple. Also provides a holistic view of the performance of the procurement unit.

Analytics for Chief Supply Chain Officer (Supply chain analytics)

Leverages the vast amounts of supply chain data available to quantify risk and take corrective action, manage inventory, work around demand volatility to reduce uncertainty and adapt rapidly to change. Helps reduce operating costs, enhance customer loyalty, reduce risk and uncertainty in supply chains, and create differentiated customer service capabilities across the supply chain.

Analytics for Human Resource Officer (Human resource analytics)

Insights across the hire-to-retire cycle leading to lower costs through reduced turnover and improved recruitment process, improved employee satisfaction, accurate employee requirement forecast and right resourcing by analyzing the complete set of transactional HR data scattered across various HRMS systems.

Analytics for Operations Officer (Operations (across domains) services analytics)

Enables the operations team with insights to drive customer experience, deliver loyalty, revenue and improved performance through advanced analytics.

Analytics for Risk Officer (Credit, market and risk analytics)

Enables the risk officer to monitor and mitigate credit, market and operational and regulatory risk. Help develop and implement risk strategies to protect and manage risk arising from business operations.

Embedded Analytics Solutions

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