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Fraud Management in Financial Service Industry

Fraud is one of the biggest threats faced by many financial services organisations. According to estimates, losses caused by fraudulent financial transactions is growing at more than 25% year on year. One of the major reasons is an increase in the adoption of digital channels, which has led to rise in fraud losses. Compromised credentials, leakage, and theft of personal information through social engineering, such as fake emails and calls, have further accelerated it.

Our Fraud Prevention Solutions in Finance Industry

Fraud Loss Assessment 

Estimate and forecast the fraud losses for better planning

Fraud Alerting Models 

Develop adaptive models to identify suspicious transactions

Precision and Recall Improvement 

Identify new rules and simulates fraudulent scenarios

Entity/Linked Identification 

Manage the relationship between entities and accounts across boundaries

Unknown Pattern Identification 

Identify patterns across transaction footprints to generate insights into new fraud patterns

Data Platform Integration 

Integrate data from disparate systems to develop and integrate new features

Case Visualization 

Develop intuitive dashboards to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of case investigation

Why Infosys BPM - Fraud Prevention and Risk Management Solutions for Finance And Banking Industry?

We bring in deep domain, data science, data, and visualisation skills to develop and deploy analytics solutions tailored to drive business outcomes. Through our Fraud Detection and Prevention solutions for Finance And Banking Industry, we help reduce fraud losses, decrease false positives and improve alert-to-fraud ratio.

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