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Overview - Retail and E-commerce Fraud Management

Retail was one of the worst hit sectors due to the disruptions caused by COVID-19. Simultaneously, it was also the one that evolved the most. With a sudden spike in fraudulent activities — accelerated by digital transformation — driven by the pandemic, it is critical for retailers to choose a right partner to protect themselves from malicious transactions. Advanced AI, future-ready tech, and a team of experienced fraud detection specialists can make huge difference to the overall profitability.

Our Retail and E-commerce Fraud Management Solution offerings

We deploy an award-winning solution with a mix of domain expertise, analytical skills, and technology to protect revenue, improve brand image, and enhance customers’ trust.

Benefits and features

We offer a comprehensive retail and ecommerce fraud solution based on our years of experience from multiple industries across the globe, customised to client-specific needs.

Potential savings

10x ROI
~$2 Million potential Savings

False positives savings

50% less
False positives

AI/ML Models

AI/ML Models
Customised per your business

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