Telecom Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance

The role of predictive analytics and ML in enhancing fraud management

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Telecom Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance

Telecom revenue leakage and fraud is rapidly emerging as one of the biggest sources of revenue loss among telcos. This has led to operators across the globe losing up to $30 billion in uncollected revenue and $135 billion in the form of revenue leakage. The emergence of OTT data services, fierce competition for customer retention, and significant drop in voice and SMS revenue have severely impacted the bottom line of telcos worldwide. In addition, technological innovations such as IoT and 5G in the telecom sector have driven rapid uptake among customers. However, this has also resulted in potential threats and vulnerabilities among interfacing applications, devices, payment gateways, industrial integrations, and so on, which directly affect revenue and market share for telecom companies.

Our telecom fraud management offerings

We help global communication service providers save revenue by identifying and eliminating complex telecom frauds and leakages in their network by leveraging our three key services — Revenue Assurance and Fraud Analytics, Assessment and Automation Services, and Digital RA/FM Operations.

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Revenue Assurance and Telecommunications Fraud Analytics

We use advanced analytics to assess usage, subscription, and order management information to determine the legitimacy of calls, configurations, and business rules in the telecom networks. Our telecom fraud solution provides near-real-time analytics to protect clients’ revenue against fraudulent and potential leakage activities.

Fraud scenarios:

  • Account takeover (ATO)
  • PBX hacking
  • Internal fraud
  • Social engineering
  • Service violation
  • False disputes
  • Promotion abuse
  • False answer supervision
  • Artificial inflation
  • Content fraud

Revenue leakage scenarios:

  • Margin assurance
  • Change management assurance
  • Service mismatch analytics
  • Roaming and IR usage assurance
  • Switch to bill analytics
  • Network switch versus prepaid platform reconciliations
  • International subscriber dialing (ISD) versus international long distance (ILD) payout assurance
  • Billing and rating assurance
  • Adjustment and waivers assurance
  • Commission and cost analytics

Assessment and Automation Services

We leverage years of expertise in leakage and telecommunications fraud detection to perform effective risk assessment. This helps us in developing actionable insights to refine existing revenue leakage and fraud controls, as well as to recommend new controls and best practices, which include:

  • Maturity assessment:

    Helps telecom companies in benchmarking their existing revenue assurance and telecom fraud management capabilities and develop a roadmap for proactive action against future leakages and threats.
  • Due diligence, gap analysis, and automation:

    Analyses as-is and develops to-be processes to identify gaps and refine processes for better performance and improved outcomes. Automates repetitive daily tasks to optimise leakage and fraud investigation workflows.
  • Risk book development:

    Captures outcomes of revenue assurance and fraud maturity assessment services by diving deep into the process, technology, and measurement (KPIs) aspects of a telecom operator.

Digital Fraud and Revenue Assurance Operations

We provide 24 x 7 digital revenue assurance and fraud investigation support and tracking services. A few of the high-level activities offered under this service include:

  • Audit and control management
  • Revenue assurance and fraud process reviews
  • Control efficiency and coverage improvement
  • Dashboard and reporting

Benefits of telecom fraud management solution:

We deliver several benefits for telecom companies such as:

  • Plug leakage and fraud up to 5% of revenue
  • Improvise revenue assurance/fraud detection processes and gain higher maturity score
  • Reduce opex/capex while maintaining control efficiency
  • Proactively detect vulnerabilities and gaps in new projects
  • Reduce lag in revenue assurance and fraud detection, with near-real-time monitoring
  • Increase revenue assurance and fraud coverage by 100%
  • Reduce false positives by up to 40%, with our exclusive precision and recall program

Infographic: Telecom Fraud Management Solution

Why Infosys BPM telecom fraud management solution?

Infosys BPM has a decade-long experience in the telecom sector and counts 6 of the top 10 global telecom service providers as its clients. Our advanced Revenue Assurance and telecom Fraud solutions help identify new and complex patterns in fraudulent activities, detect possible leakage areas, and deliver actionable insight using pattern detection and usage analytics. We have a diverse set of 350+ subject matter experts consisting of data scientists, analysts, and visualisation experts as well as multi-disciplinary revenue assurance and fraud detection professionals from sectors such as telecom utilities, retail, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, insurance, and so on. We deliver expandable and future-proof revenue assurance and fraud controls to track all data stream and maintain 100% revenue assurance and fraud coverage.

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