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Automated order management for eCommerce business

The digital economy is progressing at an unprecedented pace, with more and more people preferring to shop from the comfort of their homes. Constant evolution and innovation are necessary to keep your e-commerce platform abreast with industry leaders. As your business grows, there is an ever-increasing need to employ modern techniques for online marketplace management to ensure smooth operations and a streamlined user experience.*

An automated order management system can substantially enhance efficiency by taking over monotonous, time-consuming manual tasks and eliminating the possibility of human error. Automating these tasks also frees up resources, allowing you and your employees to focus on more complex business processes and plan growth strategies. From a customer’s perspective, order management automation can significantly simplify the buying process, ensuring happy customers who will buy from your platform repeatedly. The system can take care of several back-end tasks quickly and efficiently without human intervention. A few examples of such tasks include:

  • Checking inventory
  • Verifying orders
  • Updating the inventory in real time
  • Notifying the team responsible for packing
  • Printing shipping labels
  • Assigning tracking details

Aside from streamlining the customers’ interactions with your platform and ensuring a positive experience with repeat business, order management automation also helps evolve your business. Modernising your platform contributes to improved business growth, operational accuracy, efficient inventory management, and cost reduction. Let’s take a closer look at each of these aspects.

Improved business growth

With everything from order placement to automated product delivery, your employees can better focus on other facets of the business. These include analysing customer data to help fine-tune the user experience, developing marketing strategies to expand the customer base, and building customer relationships. Paying attention to these components of your business is a sure-fire route to exponential growth.

Operational accuracy

One of the primary reasons to incorporate an automated order management system is to eliminate human errors. There will be mistakes and inconsistencies when using manual data entry to input large amounts of information, including orders and customer data. Such errors could result in shipping the wrong product or an incorrect quantity, shipping to the wrong address, or unnecessary delays in dispatching. Accounting is another area where accuracy is of utmost importance. As automation covers accounting systems too, financial errors can be a thing of the past. An added benefit is reduced accounting costs.

Efficient inventory management

Employing order management automation will not only streamline the buying process for your customers, but the system will also analyse historical and customer data to predict buying trends, thereby eliminating guesswork when it comes to inventory management. This reduces the chances of overstocking and losing money on unsold goods, as well as understocking, which may result in customers switching over to competitors to buy a particular product. This kind of inventory forecasting based on historical customer data helps you to increase stocks before a spike in demand for a particular product.

Cost reduction

Order fulfilment processing - including data entry, receiving orders, checking and updating inventory — is labour intensive, time consuming, and expensive. With a competent automated order management system in place, these order fulfilment expenses can be appreciably reduced, thus increasing profits and ROI.

It is clear from the above points that incorporating order management automation into your e-commerce platform can revolutionise the way you conduct business. As your organisation grows, your employees can pay more attention to the finer points of managing and building the business while assigning mundane tasks to be efficiently and quickly taken care of by the system with an accuracy that no human could match. Consequently, a sound order management system will ensure increased productivity, better profits, and reduced expenses. Furthermore, quick and accurate order fulfilment process will lead to happy customers who are more likely to revisit and recommend your platform.

How can Infosys BPM help ?

Infosys BPM marketplace management agency can help you provide exceptional customer experience as you continue to sell online while significantly reducing in-house resource expenses. Our highly experienced experts in the field have provided services to several digital marketplace leaders. Learn more about our offerings and how we can help streamline your specific eCommerce platform.

*For organisations on the digital transformation journey, agility is key in responding to a rapidly changing technology and business landscape. Now more than ever, it is crucial to deliver and exceed on organisational expectations with a robust digital mindset backed by innovation. Enabling businesses to sense, learn, respond, and evolve like a living organism will be imperative for business excellence going forward. A comprehensive, yet modular suite of services is doing exactly that. Equipping organisations with intuitive decision-making automatically at scale, actionable insights based on real-time solutions, anytime/anywhere experience, and in-depth data visibility across functions leading to hyper-productivity, Live Enterprise is building connected organisations that are innovating collaboratively for the future.

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