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Top content marketing trends in 2022

Over the past few years, content has grown in its scope and necessity as a part of a company's marketing strategy. This growth was also aided by the sudden shift to an online ecosystem prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, 43% of businesses reported an increase in the content marketing budget in 2021. About 66% of businesses expect the same to happen in 2022. As the importance and scope of content marketing keep increasing, trends in content marketing are picking up pace in response to:

  • Evolving technology
  • The emergence of new social media platforms
  • Changing content consumption trends
  • Evolving consumer expectations

Top content marketing trends in 2022

For your content marketing operations to succeed, you have to stay on top of the changing content marketing trends and adapt your strategy accordingly. So, let’s take a look at some of the top content marketing trends you need to watch out for in 2022.

  • Build personalised human connections:
  • Businesses need to offer a personalised experience to their customers and build a one-to-one human connection with them, which should be at the core of their content marketing strategy. Additionally, offering personalised content suggestions with the help of artificial intelligence, optimising content for voice search, or creating interactive content are great ways to build a personalised connection with customers.*

  • Focus on data-backed content creation:
  • Data-backed insights are the difference between good and great content. Leveraging data from external sources to guide content creation will facilitate creating engaging content as well as offering better insights into consumer intent, which would result in creating even more impactful content.

  • Focus on audio content:
  • The popularity of audio content has been increasing consistently, with no signs of this trend waning. People are listening to millions of hours of podcasts each year, providing an incredible opportunity for marketers to engage with their customers.

  • Leverage video marketing:
  • If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can you say about a video? Videos are a great medium to convey even the most complex ideas effectively and are more engaging than static images or text posts. With rapid developments in Internet of Voice and natural language processing, videos are a great tool to improve your SEO performance as well.

  • Leverage social media platforms:
  • Social media platforms — such as TikTok and Instagram — have great potential to influence target customers. You can leverage different trends on these platforms and turn individual content creators into brand ambassadors to reach and influence your target audience.

  • Emphasise long-form content:
  • Short-form content and articles are no longer the solutions for high search engine results page (SERPs) ranking. The goal of a search engine is to provide people with answers to searches, and logically, well-researched long-form content is a better alternative than a clickbait. Users have also shown preference towards the most informational results. Making an editorial plan and creating high-quality, long-form content pieces can help you reach and connect with your target audience.

  • Market in the metaverse:
  • Augmented reality and virtual reality are steadily gaining popularity as the technology becomes more advanced and accessible. Investing in these technologies to create engaging content gives your customers a unique opportunity to immerse themselves and connect with the brand. Understanding and adapting to this trend is critical for engaging with younger customers.

  • Use interactive chatbots:
  • If you are not ready yet to enter the metaverse, employing AI-powered chatbots is a great way to offer an interactive and engaging customer experience. You can use the chatbot interactions to better understand the customer intent while simultaneously giving a voice and personality to your content.

  • Focus on storytelling:
  • Irrespective of the changing media, storytelling is still at the core of content marketing. Regardless of the platform or the format, your content should tell a compelling story to engage with the customers.

How can Infosys BPM help?

The Infosys BPM Content Marketing Operations (CMO) team — comprising expert digital, content, and design professionals — help you innovate and alter your content marketing operations with the evolving marketing trends. Infosys Digital Studio specialises in the production and creative adaptation of content on a large scale. With services such as video production, content creation, UI/UX design, design collaterals, artwork adaptation and standardisation, internal communication, and technical documentation, you can leverage the experience of Infosys BPM CMO team and stay on top of the evolving content marketing trends.

*For organisations on the digital transformation journey, agility is key in responding to a rapidly changing technology and business landscape. Now more than ever, it is crucial to deliver and exceed on organisational expectations with a robust digital mindset backed by innovation. Enabling businesses to sense, learn, respond, and evolve like a living organism will be imperative for business excellence going forward. A comprehensive, yet modular suite of services is doing exactly that. Equipping organisations with intuitive decision-making automatically at scale, actionable insights based on real-time solutions, anytime/anywhere experience, and in-depth data visibility across functions leading to hyper-productivity, Live Enterprise is building connected organisations that are innovating collaboratively for the future.

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