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Why do you need digital business services to survive and thrive in the new marketplace?

The rise of the digital consumer and unprecedented shifts in business operations worldwide has sent companies scrambling for new digital strategies. Many businesses today find themselves inundated with digital transformation decisions that will affect their market position and niche.

The value proposition of digital business is stronger than ever. Fewer companies are willing to defer investments in digital initiatives. In the UK, a recent survey showed that nearly four out of five companies increased their budget for digital transformation after the onset of the pandemic, and for good reason.

The shift from traditional practices to maturity in implementing digital business solutions is not just an opportunity for cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and process improvement. It is also vital for survival during unprecedented times.

The need for digital business services

Digital business services are essential if you want to engage the digital consumer at scale. Here are the key needs for digital business services.

  • To ensure continuity of business and organisational flow when normal business practices are interrupted.
  • To improve digital customer experience (CX)
  • To encourage inter-departmental collaboration for seamless and unified business processes.
  • To improve innovation, speed, data quality, and transparency across the enterprise.

Organisations are leveraging digital technologies to bolster their differentiating capabilities, products, and expertise. Businesses that are quick to digitalise their operations and customer engagement can speak the consumer’s language in a competitive marketplace.

Here are some significant digital business transformation trends -

  • Enhanced digital customer experience:

    The customer drives change. Today’s digitally connected customers expect engaging and seamless online experiences. They want the best in speed, transparency, knowledge, and convenience. This is reflected in studies that show that companies that invest in digitally enhancing customer experience have comparably reported 60% more profitability.
  • Interactive content:

    Digital interaction is the new face-to-face, story-telling-esque conversation between a brand and a consumer. Interactive content in the form of polls, quizzes, and games are transforming marketing and sales by engaging and involving customers in brand and product awareness, and helping collect actionable insights. 88% of marketers agree that interactive content helps differentiate their brand from the rest.
  • Email marketing:

    The number of global email users is set to touch 4.48 billion in 2024. Email continues to be significant in customer engagement and the sales funnel. Interactive and personalised emails are the new trend, which is effective to trigger favourable actions from customers.
  • Data and analytics:

    Big data is touted as the new wealth. Collecting and analysing information enables companies to extract valuable insights for strategic, long-term business decisions. This market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.8% from 2020 to 2023, touching $77.6 billion.
  • Tech-driven operations:

    AI and machine learning will help in handling a lot of mundane, repetitive work, thereby increasing operational efficiency and service reliability. The dawn of 5G will provide organisations with faster streaming and connectivity.
  • Hyper-personalised and immersive media:

    Hyper-personalisation will consume social platforms to offer consumers real-time, personalised recommendations on products and services. Voice search and conversational UI will rise to create unique and personal marketing and operational experiences. Immersive technologies like AR, MR and VR are set to boost customer and business interactions with sensory and emotional experiences for various channels.

Digital business services are driving change at an accelerating pace, and is pivotal to the growth of organisations, industries, as well as the global economy.

Going digital also means a transition from ‘me’ to ‘we.’ A renewed focus on connectivity gets employees as well as customers engaged. It casts a net beyond technology and products to society and community, and creates value because the transformations have a holistic quality to them.

Working with experts in digital services to choose and deploy the best digital initiatives can help businesses gain strategic positioning in the market.

How can Infosys BPM help?

Our digital business service and solutions employ technological innovations, strategic insights, research, and expert execution. Explore digital business and interactive services from Infosys BPM such as content management, creative design, customer experience management and digital analytics.

We can take the journey with you to:

  • Refurbish your digital marketing strategies.
  • Re-design your work processes and culture to connect better with customers, employees, partners, and third parties.

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