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Enhancing and redefining learning experience with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are key drivers of innovation in the education industry. According to a study, over 47% of learning management tools will have AI and ML capabilities by 2024. During the pandemic, students and teachers had no option but to switch to virtual learning. This development substantially boosted AI-based innovation in the education technology (edutech) industry. Now that the education sector has witnessed the benefits of the technology, 86% of educators prefer it as the core driving factor. AI in education has the power to optimise both learning and teaching.* In this blog, we take a look at the benefits of AI for students and teachers.

Benefits of artificial intelligence in education

For the students

The goal of students is to learn through creative ways that help them in real world. By streamlining the education process, AI enables students achieve this goal. Here are the benefits of AI for students:

  • Personalisation:
  • It is a common understanding that one size does not fit all. This definitely applies to education. AI-based learning helps students personalise the learning process according to their unique preferences and abilities. Students can benefit the most by adjusting the complexity of the knowledge and the speed of learning. AI analyses students’ learning history and suggests courses based on their weaknesses and strengths.

  • Need-based tutoring:
  • Many students require tuitions after school since most teachers lack the time to provide individual attention. AI tutors and chatbots fill this gap by helping students sharpen their skills outside the classroom. While no chatbot can completely replace a teacher, it can significantly enhance the learning process.

  • Quick responses:
  • Teachers often answer repetitive questions on a daily basis. This consumes a lot of time, which could be spent on other tasks. Students may face delays in getting responses because teachers have high workloads. AI helps students find answers within seconds through conversational intelligence and automation.

  • 24 x 7 access to learning:
  • AI-based edutech makes learning accessible to students anytime and anywhere. Students can learn at their pace and assess what approach works for them without waiting for a teacher. Irrespective of their location, students can access learning modules without incurring expenses on commuting.

For the instructors

Considering the amount of work on teachers’ daily to-do lists, they continue to struggle with time. Many instructors want to spend time with students and focus on their all-round development. AI can automate repetitive tasks and free up the teachers’ time. Here is how it works:

  • Personalisation:
  • AI can personalise the teaching experience for educators just as much as the courses and lessons for students. It can analyse a student’s history and learning abilities and suggest which subjects the teachers need to revisit. The teachers can then fine-tune the course material to address students’ knowledge gap before they suffer academically.

  • Automation:
  • According to a survey, teachers spend 31% of their time grading tests, planning lessons, and completing administrative tasks. AI can accomplish all these and much more. With AI, assessment and grading of multiple choice questions become easy. AI-powered text readers enable teachers to grade subjective answers.

  • Answering the questions:
  • AI has access to the school’s entire curriculum. It can quickly answer repetitive questions from students without involving the faculty. This gives teachers more time for research and self-learning.

How can Infosys BPM help?

As educational institutions reopen, students and teachers will continue to pursue a hybrid learning model. A mix of classroom and online studies will also ensure that education becomes resilient to any disruptions in the future. AI in the edutech industry has the power to transform the learning and teaching experience. Infosys BPM provides edutech solutions that give students the freedom to carve their learning path and identify what subjects they are good at and where they need more work.

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