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The influence of social media on edutech

The growing interest among investors is leading to rapid innovations in education technology, which, in turn, is revolutionising how we teach, learn, and study. Students today have several digital educational tools at their disposal, including connected devices, online learning tools, interactive cloud platforms, and various educational apps*. Integrating these with social media can help keep users engaged and streamline the learning process for a better overall experience.

But how are advancements in edutech making it possible to use social media for education?

What is the impact of social media on education?

Social media affects education in many ways. You can integrate various social media features into modern learning platforms and apps to add value and utility for users. Social media offers a platform for students and teachers to connect, communicate, and collaborate remotely. It also provides access to multiple learning resources and can help educational material reach a wider audience. Let us look at some of the social media features that have an impact on education.

Personal profiles

A key social aspect within modern edutech applications is the inclusion of personal profiles. This integration offers a high level of customisation and adaptability for both students and teachers. Not only do personal profiles make it easier for study partners to connect and share their interests, but they also help boost credibility when sharing information and resources, allowing students to get to know their instructors better. Customised personal profiles for each student also make it possible for educators to craft personalised programs that cater to specific students’ interests, skills, and needs.


Once every student has a personal profile, it becomes possible to take advantage of another popular social media feature — a personalised feed. A social media style feed of relevant educational content – based on the user’s interests –can help keep learners engaged. The ability to interact with content from other users can also help make learning fun and encourage healthy competition.

Live streams

Live streaming of online classes gained popularity during the pandemic, and instructors and students alike across the globe have received them well. The benefits of this method of teaching include time-efficient and more engaging training delivery. It allows instructors to incorporate creative teaching techniques and oversee the education of several different users remotely. You can also record live streams to review at a later date, enabling students to go over the lessons as many times as they need to.


The chat or messaging feature common to most social media platforms can also enrich the learning process by making it easier for users to communicate, ask questions, share notes or resources, and more. Personal one-to-one chats open a channel between students and instructors, allowing students to clarify doubts, make suggestions, or ask questions without disturbing the rest of the group. On the other hand, teachers can use this feature to share feedback with individual students.

Group chats also make it possible for several users to communicate, collaborate, and share resources or ideas. Instructors can use group chats to quickly disseminate information with all their students in one go.

Likes, comments, and reactions

While these are common aspects of most social media platforms, incorporating a system of likes, comments, and reactions into an educational app is an excellent way to build engagement and camaraderie between users. Such a system can keep students interested and motivate them to use the platform.

How can Infosys BPM help?

Infosys BPM e-learning platforms comprises a cutting-edge cloud-based platform you can access on mobile devices from any location worldwide. These educational solutions merge extensive domain expertise in various fields with strategic program management designed to boost productivity while keeping costs low. Leverage social media for education with Infosys BPM to deliver an enhanced learner experience for better operational efficiency and learner success.

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