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Coaching - The GROWTH Approach

Like any other young individual fresh out of college, I became intensely focused on defining my path and building my career during the formative years. Wanting to prove my mettle, I was running a marathon. As I achieved milestones along the way, I became part of larger teams, eventually leading teams; and through that journey, I realized the importance of a coach in defining my journey ahead.
A Leader needs to be a coach first.
We have witnessed traditional ways of working that have always positioned leaders as the “command & control” centre. Defining what to do, how to do, and when to do – have been the fundamentals of leadership. Slowly and steadily, the ways of working changed, and so did the engagement models. Leadership is now about guiding individuals and helping them navigate difficult situations, adapting to the ever-evolving environment with a sense of ownership and accountability. This has led to a fundamental shift in my leadership style to be a coach, from being just a manager.

The GROWTH approach

Today, a coach's role is unique, yet formidable. It is about inspiring and challenging the one coached, believing in their aspirations, helping them unlock their potential, and navigating them towards their goals. This dramatic shift from “instructing” to “guiding” involves the following:
  • Asking smart questions instead of providing solutions
  • Encouraging individuals to make the best choice among all available alternatives
  • Recognizing and challenging their thoughts and beliefs
  • Nudging and motivating them to raise the bar and go the extra mile
  • Helping and enabling them to think strategically for the long-term 

  • All this is initiated and accomplished through the GROWTH Approach:

    Goal -

    The focus must be on the end goal - where do you want to reach and what do you wish to accomplish. The role of the coach is to motivate the coached to achieve their goals, even when it might seem unattainable to them.

    The differentiator - Helping the one being coached in breaking down their goals into achievable milestones, motivating them to discover their true potential and celebrating achievements.

    Real -

    Getting down to the brass tacks. A goal without a plan is a dream, so you need to document it. What do you plan to accomplish, how do you plan to accomplish it, and more importantly, when do you plan to achieve it? A coach helps you rise above the fears and apprehensions through the art of intrinsic motivation and tapping the inner strength. McKinsey's research backs the point stating that higher inherent motivation results in 32% more commitment and 46% greater satisfaction among employees.

    Options -

    Coaching doesn't mean telling someone what to do. It is essentially about defining what is to be done with collaborative decision making. It's about empowering an individual to identify their strengths and believing in them. An effective coach would enable deep thinking, help evaluate the risks involved and encourage informed decisions against alternatives thrown in the pool.

    Will -

    This aspect balances the directive and non-directive approach by a coach. Individuals may often drop off at this stage, fearing the enormity of the goal ahead. Coaches must alter and adapts the engagement style accordingly. 

    Timebound -

    They say goals are dreams with a timeline. That's what a coach helps you do and then achieve it with efficiency. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timebound) goals not only reflect your passion but also helps in living a life with an enriched purpose.

    Harmony -

    Navigating through situations and goals is essentially about balancing the mind, the body, and the soul. When a balance is achieved in what you think, say, and perform, one is in total harmony. The role of a coach is to address this spiritual bend too, helping the coached to internalize it and make it business as usual.

    Pablo Picasso once said, “Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success.”

    If Picasso were alive today, he would readily add the element of a coach in this route to success. 

    Your Coach collaborates in your journey to ensure success and to get the maximum out of your potential. 

    Disclaimer: The views expressed here are personal and do not reflect the thoughts of the organization. The article was first published on LinkedIn.

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