Delivery Models

We are very comfortable taking on challenging mandates that require global orchestration of disciplines spawning people, process, technology, data, and infrastructure. Whether your business is life and annuities, producer management, or retirement services, we can address your needs through five integrated delivery models.

  • Business processing outsourcing (BPO): In this model, our personnel use our applications to serve the retail, group, special and non-qualified executive retirement plan markets. ’We use what we sell’ to help tailor your administrative service requirements, which will meet your profit objectives and help you focus on your core capabilities. All this, while still providing your customers with excellent service.
  • Functional business processing outsourcing (BPO): In this model, our personnel use your software to help to tailor your service requirements to meet your business objectives and free you to focus on your core capabilities.
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS): We provide expert systems and technical support to companies preferring to deploy existing administrative personnel but require a system specifically designed for their business, which can be accessed from any location.
  • Licensed software: This model can address the needs of companies that want to purchase, install, and maintain the software on their own computers, and also negotiate provisions for acceptance and installation, customization upgrades, and maintenance.
  • Hybrid: Our platform and services can be configured to meet your specific business goals and includes the capacity to quickly change to conform to meet evolving market, regulatory, and industry demands.

With Infosys McCamish, you are not limited to deploying a full-blown SaaS model, or engaging us for an end-to-end platform BPO solution.

Our delivery models are unique because they are embedded with the capacity to change as your business needs evolve. For example, you can engage us for a ‘hybrid’ SaaS / BPO solution where your client-facing activities are done in a SaaS mode, while your personnel and “back office” activities are handled by us. Or you could deploy a full SaaS model upfront — with the ability to migrate selected functions to us when you are ready.

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