Business process management

The Infosys McCamish BPM solution is a proven strategy for companies that are trying to do more with less. By driving long-term efficiencies, we help you reap benefits derived from gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We have the demonstrated expertise to manage your business processes so that you can focus on core business functions and growth initiatives. Each BPM solution leverages our proprietary platforms and is customized to the unique needs of our client businesses in the retail, group, special, and non-qualified executive retirement plan markets.

Our differentiators

Global scale — Infosys McCamish has the expert technology and outsourcing credentials, along with a proven business Global Delivery Model (GDM). GDM helps re-engineer systems and perform back-office services at reduced cost, while reinforcing accuracy, speed, operational reliability, and security.

Expert talent — Our BPM customer service representatives have an average of 14 years’ experience. When you partner with Infosys McCamish, you get one of the most mature talent pools in the industry, well-versed in both insurance processes and outsourced delivery.

Flexibility in operating models — We provide a broad range of platform-based insurance administrative services that can be delivered bundled or selectively unbundled, so long as the Infosys McCamish Platform is used. You can either elect to outsource a specific function across multiple product lines or legal entities, or outsource all functions (full BPM) for an entire block of policies. Apart from traditional pricing models, Infosys McCamish also provides value-driven pricing models to redefine your cost structures.

Seamless transition followed by flawless operations — Our goal is to accelerate the transition and integration of business processes from client locations to Infosys BPM delivery centers in a seamless and efficient manner, while simultaneously establishing a secure partnership and enabling customer satisfaction. Our focus on continuous improvement and infrastructure capabilities ensure better user support, improved IT and business performance.