Quality assurance

Infosys is an ISO certified company with robust focus on process quality. Our quality framework focuses on quality control (call monitoring, transaction monitoring, etc.) quality assurance (process audits, process control, etc.) and quality improvement (Six sigma, BPR, etc.). We have developed a metrics-driven culture that is based on best-in-class industry standards such as the COPC methodology, eSCM etc., and is used at Infosys McCamish. The intent of this culture is to at one level capture all relevant process and operational metrics but at another level to partner with clients to understand the underlying business metrics (such as cost of recruitment, training efficiency, requisition fill time, etc.) and how operational metrics can be transformed to favorably influence business metrics.

Infosys McCamish focuses on excellence through quality, and with the initiatives we take for our clients, e.g., Six Sigma projects; further efficiency improvements can be expected. Infosys has a three pronged continuous improvement approach:

  • Continuous improvement approach based on Six Sigma philosophy
  • Technology led improvement opportunities based on Infosys STAR (Strategic Transformation and Re-engineering) team
  • Transformation initiatives through platform migration, process re-engineering or product interventions