Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model provides a complete software environment, including platforms from Infosys McCamish, which can be configured for your business objectives and hosted in our state-of-the-art data center. You can access the environment either directly over the Internet or via dedicated communication lines. While Infosys McCamish provides all the underlying technology infrastructure and technical support, as part of a predictable transaction-based fee structure, you provide the insurance services.

Our differentiators

Flexibility in operating models — We also provide all insurance administrative-related services. This model may be attractive where the cost of service is the key driver, for instance a ‘closed or runoff’ block of policies. You have the flexibility to start with one solution, such as SaaS, and migrate over time to a hybrid SaaS / BPM solution as business imperatives change. As we also provide comprehensive BPM services, you could elect to outsource specific functions or specific blocks of policies to Infosys McCamish, while still retaining core functions in-house. For example, you could retain all agent and policy owner contact while outsourcing back office functions.

Create new efficiencies — Our SaaS model will help you reduce cost and move to an opex model. The inherent flexibility of the model will help you reduce time to market, while increasing agent productivity and operational efficiency.