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Supply chain solutions

The Infosys BPM supply chain solutions enable collaboration across the supply chain function, develop a responsive organization, enhance consumer needs, and generate significant cost savings and financial returns.

CPG manufacturers are devising strategies to improve responsiveness in supply chain management and gain visibility into real-time demand signals from the retail channels. The visibility of most manufacturers is limited to retail-level transactions, preventing the benefits of supply chain visibility, cost containment, increasing customer demands, and globalization. CPG manufacturers must reduce costs, consolidate products and operations, and build responsiveness to enable e-business strategies.

Infosys' Source-to-Pay solution designs standardized and centralized procurement processes to suit the varied needs of global clients. The features for compliance and monitoring of spend management enable visibility, improved processes and sustainable sourcing.


Demand and Supply Planning
Demand and supply planning is critical to ensure an efficient supply chain at minimum costs to serve markets. Typically, demand and supply planning is disaggregated across multiple departments such as manufacturing, sales, etc., and spans multiple systems, preventing an end-to-end view of the entire supply chain. A fine balance between reducing inventory costs, working capital and lost sales require inputs from multiple sources and exhaustive analysis to get optimal results.

Infosys' outsourced operating model is built on clearly defined processes and assigns responsibilities with technology multipliers such as workflow systems and analytical tools. It provides a disciplined method to achieve this fine balance.

Logistics Management
A majority of CPG companies find it a challenge to manage logistics across multiple vendors, manufacturing locations, distribution centers, Carrying and Forwarding (C&F) locations, distributors, and dealers. Infosys' solution identifies low utilization routes and optimized solutions. Our solution enables efficient data management of transport vendors and contract management with new transporters through research and analytics.

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