At Infosys Portland, we are on a mission to lead our clients' procurement and supply chain functions into the future by delivering value today. For more than 20 years, we have worked with some of Australia’s largest organisations to successfully navigate complex transformations that deliver outstanding outcomes, which are recognised by industry bodies and leading research analysts. Our expertise and deep domain understanding of how procurement and supply chain supports and drives the organisation forward is what sets us apart. We bring leading thinking across multiple industries to help our clients maximise their potential.

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We have partnered with clients to successfully deliver multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects by optimising their approach to procurement and supply chain. This improves their ability to manage risk and engaging their most strategic suppliers.

We can rapidly identify solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs for organisations in this sector. We navigate the growing regulatory demands, increasingly complex supply chains and disruptive forces which include smart technologies, labour shortages and increasing material inputs.

The resource sector is seeing increasing demands for safety, transparency and accountability from governments, communities and shareholders. The complexities are further magnified by the growing need for a secure, sustainable and internationally competitive supply chain.

By understanding the mechanics of the sector, the suppliers that drive it and the importance of achieving social procurement objectives we’ve driven improvement in our clients’ operations, optimise their costs and deliver more sustainable procurement and supply chain outcomes.

We also support our clients in becoming and remaining adaptive to changing market dynamics.

Our Health practice is founded on the understanding that patient outcomes are at the core of all our work. Our consultants work with clients to address some of the greatest challenges in healthcare procurement today, whether delivering digital procurement through enhanced systems, achieving better availability of key clinical items through improved inbound supply chain, or addressing increasing healthcare costs through negotiating improved input costs – delivering for patients is at the heart of what we do.

Whether it’s banking, wealth management or insurance, we have worked with some of the largest financial services organisations to tackle the multitude of challenges facing the sector. We have navigated our clients through disruptions from FinTech’s and new technologies, evolving market regulations, growing customer expectations and increasing demands of risk management.

We enable our financial services clients to operate cost effectively and with greater efficiencies through our specialist procurement and supply chain services. This optimises their operating model and productivity, enhances their strategic capabilities, extract greater value from supplier relationships and digitally transforms their operations.

There are few sectors that are as competitive and dynamic as the retail sector — the pressure of transitioning from bricks and mortar to online, demands for more flexible and innovative supply chains, and increasing consumer expectations around experience and sustainability, all place even greater stress on already tight margins.

We collaborate with retail clients to enable their transition to more customer-focused and demand-driven supply chains. This creates greater agility, reduces inventories, and mitigates risk. Our transport and network transformation capabilities ensure improved visibility, control, and scalability across operations that optimise spend.

Expectations for governments to deliver critical public services while maintaining or improving frontline service outcomes under greater financial pressures, have never been stronger. Governments are seeking to accelerate and improve their service delivery, be more agile and enhance value for money across the broad range of critical services they provide every day.

We have been recognised by our public sector clients and industry bodies as thought leaders and implementation specialists in enabling governments to extract insights from the vast volumes of data they maintain, executing large scale government initiatives that deliver significant social procurement objectives and implementing innovative strategies across common expenditures to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

The pace of innovation in this sector means change is inevitable – increasing agility, remaining commercially astute and maintaining a relentless focus your customers has resulted in both an exciting and challenging time for procurement and supply chain teams in these organisations.

We have worked closely with our clients to solve beyond the traditional profit improvement programs and rather strategically identify and better leverage their suppliers to unlock additional value and identify sources of that next competitive edge. Supplier relationships are evolving where there is recognition that better informed partners and collaborators enable shared success, growth and investment in further innovations for all parties.

Organisations, including PE firms, are seeking specialist capabilities to improve inputs to their M&A&D decision-making processes. They need to quickly and accurately assess value opportunities, understand procurement and supply chain risks, and successfully implement target improvement opportunities.

Our end-to-end commercial capabilities enable clients to quickly turn available information and data into actionable insights and opportunities. As a result, they make better informed decisions on target acquisitions. We also support our clients in this sector to sustainably deliver opportunities from the due diligence stage down to the bottom line. Our extensive experience in M&A&D means we are well-positioned to identify or deliver value at whatever stage of the deal — before (i.e., Pre-Deal), during (i.e., transition, separation), or after (i.e., Post-Deal, such as Post-Merger Integration [PMI]).

Rising costs, increasing consumer expectations, greater demands for sustainability and more complex, global supply markets have places significant pressures on the sector. In such a competitive sector, organisations are looking to investments in customer service, innovation and technology to meet some of these challenges.

Our experience has enabled our clients to transform their procurement and supply chain capabilities – whether it’s successfully delivering profit improvement programs, new service line implementations or more effectively managing supply chain risk, we’ve been a partner to leading globally recognised airlines for over 15 years.

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