Prepare Your Modern Slavery Statement

Prepare Your Modern Slavery Statement

Impact on Australian businesses

Your business may be one of more than 3,000 organisations that are legally required to provide an annual statement on the risks of modern slavery in your operations and supply chain, the actions you have taken to address these risks and how you are measuring the effectiveness your actions. Learn how one of our clients tackled this critical issue, enabled their team to better identify and mitigate risks and prepare their Modern Slavery statement.


Zero tolerance for modern slavery is a winning strategy

Learn more about the winner of the CIPS ANZ Risk Management Award winner.

CIPS ANZ Risk Management Award winner

Infosys Portland can help

Our solution is tailored to your organisation and allows you to fully understand where the risks are in your supply chain.

We leverage our domain expertise to assess your internal data and procedures and utilise leading technologies to analyse spend, engage suppliers and measure risk indicators.

Our team have partnered with Precision Solutions Group who can conduct discreet and unscheduled field assessments with your domestic and/or international suppliers to provide you with a true sense of the nature of the risks with their operations.

We work to increase awareness of Modern Slavery within your organisation to build confidence in your ability to identify and respond to instances of Modern Slavery.

Ultimately, we provide solutions unique to your organisation, your data and your supply chain.


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