Realizing a Digital Supply Chain

Advanced technologies today, supported by apps, integration and platforms, are diluting physical and digital barriers – allowing them to interact seamlessly. The Internet of Things, social media and mobile devices, are redefining consumer engagement models – changing the way customers interact with organizations at various touch points. But, technology is evolving faster than the markets can adopt. The tech-savvy consumer shops anywhere and anytime, expecting retailers to not just remember their preferences, but, create personalized shopping lists by anticipating their needs. The path-to-purchase is increasingly fragmented – immersed in a web of interactions with multiple brands, channels and online communities.

With customer expectations rising at an exponential rate, consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are grappling to transform their supply chain and business models to respond to the new demands.
This point-of-view examines the capabilities that CPG companies must develop to achieve agility with improved operational efficiency and enhanced customer-centricity, but, at reduced costs. We deep-dive into the strategies for a successful supply chain digital transformation, and how evolving from a linear to a dynamic ecosystem using a design thinking approach, can unravel complexities and identify new investment opportunities – catapulting organizations distinctly ahead of their competition.

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