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Pioneering Next Gen BPM Services | Costa Rica

Close neighbors to Panama, this country's coastal lines touch both the Pacific and the Atlantic oceans. Costa Rica holds 5% of the world's biodiversity and it also holds the record for the longest standing democracy in the world. Sam Ebenezer talks about his journey with Infosys BPM and the game, which is popular in the South American region.

  1. Please elaborate on the work done at your delivery center and its history?

    Infosys Costa Rica's journey started in 2013. Then President of Costa Rica. Her Excellency, Mrs Laura Chinchilla, inaugurating our delivery center in March 2013 was one of the defining moments of our journey. We have had a great run - expanded into multiple verticals/horizontals and added more than 7 clients, supporting multiple languages. Today, we have one of the youngest workforces from different nationalities under one roof, complied with various certifications (including ISO standards) as brand ambassadors for our automation & innovation journey. Our floors are ignited along with our employees' minds, and now with five years behind us, we aspire to excel and achieve a lot more in the next five.

  2. How has your experience been with Infosys BPM?

    Exciting, challenging and exhilarating - at different phases and stages throughout my 15 years in the organization. It has taught me a lot, given me a lot and every day poses a new challenge that I foresee to conquer. I see these as opportunities that pave the way for organizational growth, put a smile on employees faces and at the end of the day give a great deal of satisfaction that we have all done our best.

  3. What is your favorite part of work?

    When I visit the operations floors and hear someone in the team talk about opportunities - to improve, to learn, to provide additional value to the client; that really excites me, that really makes my day. Besides this, I have a beautiful view of the park from my office, which really calms me down during a stressful day.

  4. How would you describe the overall employee diversity in your DC?

    I am proud of the diversity at the Costa Rica center- at one point, we had about 11 nationalities working together and we celebrate our cultural difference with a potluck and other events, we have a young workforce with the average age about 27-28, and women leaders managers accounted for 50% of leadership. We have always acknowledged and celebrated our difference and bring the best out of each individual- no matter what the orientation.

  5. Which country is most likely to win this year's football world cup and why?

    I would root for Costa Rica for sure, it's a tough group for us though. However, I believe it could be one of the European countries - most likely France or Spain as they have great depth in their lineup.

  6. What's your favorite memory with respect to the football world cup?

    Of course, Costa Rica playing in the quarterfinals in Brazil World Cup 2014 would be the most memorable moments recorded in Costa Rica's history. That was one of the biggest moment in the country when all of us celebrated for days, even the Costa Rican president headed to the City center to celebrate with the people. We too went celebrating for hours post every win Costa Rica had especially against stronger teams like Italy and England.

  7. Please share some thoughts on your country's footballing culture.

    While "football fever" is real in Latin America, Costa Rica really found this in a more personal way during World cup 2014. Football is embedded in the culture of "Ticos" (Costa Ricans are referred this way), kids go to soccer camps wanting to emulate their favorite champions, almost every game that Costa Rica plays here has the city's traffic dwindling (almost empty streets). Keylor Navas (goalkeeper) is a household name after the world cup fame and him playing for Real Madrid. Football has been life, passion and "craze" for the Ticos.