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People, Process and Technological Harmony | Ireland

Ireland is an island nation located in Western Europe northwest of the United Kingdom. It has a strategic location on major air and sea routes between North America and northern Europe. David Van Der Merwe shares more in his interview about Ireland, football and his experience with Infosys BPM.

  1. Please elaborate on the work done at your delivery center and its history?

    The Dublin center started in 2014 with rebadging deal. We have about 240 colleagues in Dublin.

  2. How has your experience been with Infosys BPM?

    Over the last 8 years, I have been on a roller-coaster journey with ups and downs but it has been a positive experience overall. I have had lots of learning and opportunities. A lot of which was achievable based on hard work, patience and the knowledge that I have gained through Infosys BPM.

  3. What is your favorite part of work?

    Meeting people from various parts of the world, conversing and learning from interactions. The ability to keep on innovating.

  4. How would you describe the overall employee profile/ diversity in your delivery centre?

    I have 10% Irish people in the team and 90% comprise of EU and LATAM nationals, but the Irish are passionate sports fanatics, and they wholeheartedly support their team, win or lose.

  5. Which country is most likely to win this year's football world cup and why?

    Spain, because they have outstanding individual football players and when they work together they could be brutal.

  6. What's your favorite memory with respect to the football world cup?

    2014 - Netherland 5 - Spain 1

  7. Please share some thoughts on your country's footballing culture.

    In Ireland, they have ~ 138,000 people playing the game in ~ 6,000 clubs, but Dublin accounts for 666 official pubs there is always a good reason to support your team whatever sport they are playing.