Producing video content to cater to the growing trend of short attention span

Video content is here to stay! 

But stay for how long?

That depends on the audience consuming the content. It is determined by how much time an individual spends watching a video. 

In the digital age when there is a spate of video content, video-watching patterns have undergone a sea of change. Most people, today, have a very short attention span. Data shows that the attention span of an individual watching videos was 2.5 minutes in 2004. This has been gradually reducing and is now approximately 47 seconds, according to a 2023 book by psychologist Dr. Gloria Mark.

This data is affirmed by the rising popularity of Instagram reels, YouTube shorts, and TikTok videos, over long-form videos.

So, the onus is now on marketers to capture the interest of their audience in less than 47 seconds and convey their message. This means that the video content must be short and precise. The good news is that creating short-form videos can be cheaper.

For long-form videos, you will incur expenses such as the time and effort of the crew creating the video, equipment used for creating the video, editing, and others. In the case of short-form videos, however, the advantage is that you can create multiple short-form videos at the cost of one long video. Apart from this cost benefit, the entire process of video creation is simplified, minimizing the efforts of the creator.

Why should you use short-form videos for your brand?

Here are some important reasons for you to adopt short-form videos in your branding and marketing efforts.

  1. They offer high levels of engagement.
  2. They cater to the users’ short attention spans.
  3. Short-form videos are good for SEO because they increase engagement on your website and improve its search rankings.
  4. Short-form videos can be created by appropriately slicing long-form videos.
  5. It is easier to create a number of short-form videos and share them on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience.
  6. Short-form videos can be posted more frequently and drive better engagement.
  7. They provide better ROI.

To reap the benefits of short-form videos, ensure that you come up with unique and engaging content that stands out among widely available generic, substandard content. Such impactful content allows your audience to retain your messages.

Another factor to be considered is the platform for which you are creating the video. Short-form videos work best on platforms such as TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Facebook Reels, LinkedIn Stories, among others. There is a marginal difference in the type of video shared on each platform. It’s also advisable to reuse content across multiple platforms and channels with minimal alterations that conforms to the platform.

Develop a strategy for short video marketing

It’s necessary to approach short videos with a result-oriented mindset and create a proper strategy for them. Some important points to consider in this regard are below.

  1. Define the purpose and what you expect to achieve through short videos. 
  2. Based on your goals, choose the platforms that your audience uses. 
  3. Define the messaging and tailor the videos specific to the platforms targeted.
  4. Create multiple variants of short-form videos, if required, according to the platform and your audience.
  5. Track key stats, such as number of views, engagement, reach, etc.

Some types of effective short videos

You can create a variety of short videos depending on your audience’s requirements. Here are a few different types of effective short videos.

  • How-to videos:
  • These are videos where you can teach your audience something from start to finish. This type of video is extremely popular for sharing recipes, styling tips, etc.

  • Problem-solving:
  • Create a video that addresses a pain point of your audience. Such videos will intrigue your viewers and drive them to your website or application for more information.

  • Demo videos:
  • Create short clips that show how your product functions and the benefits it offers.

  • Storytelling:
  • Tell your brand’s story through a video. Make the story interesting to keep the attention of your audience.

In conclusion, the relevance of short-form content in today’s world cannot be overlooked. In today’s context, the interest and attention of audience is fleeting; hence, we need to look for ways to maximize content consumption in minimal time.

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