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How can Gen AI improve the productivity of employees?

Generative AI (Gen AI), along with a culture of accountability, role reconfiguration, and reward peer training, can boost worker productivity. According to combined research by the world’s leading business schools, Gen AI can boost the performance of skilled employees by up to 40%.

Businesses that are applying Gen AI correctly are already seeing the benefits in the form of productivity growth. This article discusses the ways to successfully incorporate Gen AI into the workplace so that it improves worker productivity.

The right way to use Gen AI to boost employee productivity

Business leaders must use AI tools in the right context to enhance the output of a worker. Tools such as ChatGPT or DALL-E must not be taken as replacements for human intellect and consciousness.

For example, users must check for factual and contextual correctness before using the output of ChatGPT. Neither should you use Gen AI tools to fetch answers to critical questions. AI results are great for drafting emails, researching, coding, or generating images for marketing, but the last mile of due diligence must be done with a human employee.

Gen AI cannot judge social and cultural nuances which differ from one country to the other, nor does it have the human consciousness and ability to make a fair judgement based on a situation. For example, Gen AI can create the first draft of a legal contract in seconds, but a human lawyer must review it and align it with the needs of the client. Other ways to augment employee performance with Gen AI are –

  1. Provide AI-focused training to employees
  2. Project training with a focus on the uses and benefits of AI will prepare the employees to leverage its benefits. For example, sales training may incorporate the use of AI in creating presentations for potential clients.

    Train the employees to write high-quality prompts that command the AI model to respond with a useful and relevant response. The more specific you are about the information and tonality, the better the response is.

  3. Have better communication channels
  4. According to a survey, 49% of the respondents think AI is here to create new jobs, and 23% think AI will help them upskill and move to new roles.

    It is important to communicate that Gen AI technology is there to augment but not to replace employees. Open communication with valuable members about upskilling or shifting to strategic roles will make them feel confident about reaping the full potential of the technology.

  5. Create a Gen AI policy
  6. You may not want to feed every piece of information into the AI tool. For example, employees must know that feeding things like sales figures and internal costing in an AI tool can cause data leakage to unauthorised users. This is where a standard Gen AI policy helps.

Integrating Gen AI into daily work

By understanding areas where you can integrate Gen AI with daily work, you can harness its true abilities and have your employees do creative and complex tasks. Some areas where you can integrate Gen AI are –

  1. Project planning and management
  2. Tools such as ChatGPT can help you make project plans quickly. You need to craft a high-quality prompt with your requirements. However, the job of reviewing the plan and drafting complex ones requires human intervention.

  3. Data analysis
  4. Interpreting complex data and identifying trends in reports can be complex. Gen AI with natural language processing (NLP) tools can create predictive models for data analysis. However, humans need to decipher the causality behind the output and the patterns the AI model identifies.

  5. Research report writing
  6. Language-based AI is faster and more effective than a search engine for gathering and summarising information for a report. Employees must double-check the report for factual errors and statistics against reputable resources.

  7. Learning and development
  8. Employees can use GenAI to learn about any subject in simple terms or detail. However, it is important to know that AI cannot match a human trainer and adjust its teaching style according to the learner.

How can Infosys BPM help?

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