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Global talent acquisition: Overcoming challenges with BPM recruitment outsourcing

The traditional HR landscape, once characterised by paper trails and lengthy processes, is undergoing a revolution. Artificial Intelligence (AI), a powerhouse technology, is rewriting the rules of the game. By integrating AI into the HR toolkit, organisations unlock a world of possibilities for transforming talent management, crafting a thriving employee experience (EX), and ultimately, securing their competitive edge.

Imagine a future where onboarding feels personalised, where well-being programs proactively address burnout, and where communication flows smoothly —  This is AI shaping the future of talent management.

AI for talent management and EX

Talent management isn't just about filling positions; it's a continuous effort to attract, nurture, and retain top talent.

Candidate attraction — Finding the right fit

Finding the right talent feels like navigating a maze. In 2023, a staggering 77% of employers faced difficulty in finding skilled talent. Recruiters spend countless hours crafting job postings, meticulously screening resumes, and scheduling interviews, only to encounter bottlenecks and lose potentially valuable candidates while going through the recruiting process.

Traditional methods introduce several challenges:

  • Limited forecasting: Predicting future workforce requirements becomes more challenging, hindering strategic planning and talent acquisition.
  • Unconscious bias: Wording of recruitment ads and manual screening unintentionally block diverse talent.
  • Inefficiency: Slow processes frustrate candidates and miss potential gems.
  • Missed connections: Skills get overlooked due to rigid, role-specific searches.

These challenges can be addressed with AI’s analytical power. Here’s a sneak peek into what AI in HR can do:

  • Smarter workforce decisions: AI-powered analytics reveal workforce trends, predict skill gaps, ensure seamless transitions, and align every employee with the org’s strategic goals. This data-driven approach empowers HR to build a future-proof workforce, attracting top talent, maximising resources, and fostering a thriving, engaged team.
  • Precision targeting: AI algorithms analyse data to craft compelling job descriptions that attract the right skillsets and reach relevant talent pools, promoting diversity and inclusion.
  • Unbiased screening: AI tools go beyond keywords, utilising assessments like Pymetrics' skill demos to objectively evaluate candidates' abilities and reduce bias in the process.
  • Efficiency multiplied: AI automates mundane tasks like initial resume screening, freeing up recruiters' time to focus on high-potential candidates and personalised interactions.
  • Unveiling hidden gems: AI matches candidates to multiple relevant opportunities within the organisation, ensuring their skills are not overlooked and maximising the hiring potential for both parties.
  • Smooth onboarding: Intelligent chatbots answer questions and AI tailors training, accelerating onboarding and making new hires productive members of your team faster. It's a win for everyone!

By bringing clarity, speed, and fairness to the hiring process, AI is not just streamlining recruitment, it's creating a win-win situation for both companies and candidates.

Employee development — Keeping up with growth

Investing in ongoing learning and development is crucial for talent retention and growth. Traditional methods leave employees lost, frustrated, and yearning to grow.

  • Vague performance appraisals: "Good job" doesn't help. Employees need specifics for development.
  • Unclear information: Employees often lack awareness of available learning options, hindering their growth potential.
  • Content creation burden: Developing high-quality learning materials is time-consuming and resource-intensive.

AI in HR is a game-changer. It helps tackle the above pain points by:

  • AI-powered performance management: AI-driven tools inject transparency and accountability into performance management, providing both employees and managers with actionable feedback and data-driven insights for relevant learning paths for upskilling
  • Effortless content creation: AI tools empower HR leaders to easily create learning modules that make learning fun and effective through interactive activities and games.
  • Data-driven improvements: With real-time insights on learner progress and engagement, organisations can continually refine and update content to maximise its effectiveness.

The result is a win-win scenario — employees stay engaged and motivated with personalised learning paths that enhance their skills and career prospects, while organisations foster a culture of continuous learning, develop future-ready talent, and improve employee retention.

Employee retention — Creating positive EX

Forget the "people come and go" mentality. In today's talent war, losing your top performers is a critical threat. The good news? Understanding what makes employees tick opens doors to creating a thriving work environment and boosting engagement (unfortunately, only 21% of the global workforce feels truly engaged at work (Gallup)).

AI shines a light on what truly matters to your workforce. It opens exciting possibilities for creating a compelling EX that fosters loyalty and fuels organisational success. Here’s how:

  1. Streamlined application support: Satisfaction starts way before candidates become employees. Their first impression, starting from application experience, shapes their decision to join and future engagement. Shockingly, 92% abandon ship due to clunky forms, logins, and mobile issues. A frustrating process scares off top talent. Investing in a smooth, AI-powered experience helps. Chatbots can guide candidates, answer questions, and make applying a breeze. Remember, winning hearts starts long before day one.
  2. Measure engagement: AI tools can analyse communication patterns, collaboration data, and sentiment to identify potential disengagement early on, allowing you to take proactive steps before it's too late.
  3. Promote well-being: Quick health advice, mental health support, and early burnout detection create a safety net for employee well-being.
  4. Foster connection and growth: AI facilitates seamless communication, connects individuals with relevant opportunities and mentors, and fosters a sense of community.
    Retaining top talent is a continuous process. By leveraging AI, you can create an engaging and rewarding work environment.
    The journey of AI in HR is just beginning, but its impact is undeniable. From attracting top talent with bias-free, personalised hiring practices, to nurturing their skills with data-driven learning paths, and fostering a vibrant workplace where well-being thrives and communication flows seamlessly, AI in HR is shaping the future of talent management and EX. Are you ready to embrace the transformation?

How Infosys BPM can help?

Infosys BPM’s HR outsourcing solutions offer flexible, industry-tailored solutions that combine consulting expertise with cutting-edge technology. Whether it's finding top talent, fostering development, or boosting engagement, we help build robust HR functions that unlock success. Time, perhaps, to outsource the heavy lifting to us?

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