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Digital Strategy Execution with Infosys Wingspan

Peter Bregman, CEO of Bregman Partners, famously quoted “Your organization’s biggest strategic challenge isn’t strategic thinking — it’s strategic acting”. Peter went on to say that execution is a people problem and that it’s ten times harder to get people to execute on a strategy than it is to devise a smart strategy.

So, it is natural for leaders to focus disproportionately on ‘Strategy Execution’ but how? Infosys, as with most IT services organisations, was looking to reinvent itself for accelerating its growth on the back of the digital wave that is gripping the world. It had a smart strategy, but that alone was not enough. It needed smart execution to make the strategy successful. What makes it harder for Infosys is the magnitude — all 200,000+ employees play a key role in executing this new strategy.

Infosys has traditionally been very good at constantly evolving powered by its corporate university. The Time Magazine called it the Taj Mahal of corporate universities. However, the magnitude of change this time is much larger! The company’s talent had to start focusing on digital technologies. But can digital strategy be implemented with non-digital interventions? Clearly no! Next-gen problems need next-gen solutions. Hence, to execute our digital strategy, we needed a digital solution. With this thought Infosys Wingspan (or LEX as its branded for our clients) was created. Armed with Wingspan, our corporate university is ready to drive digital strategy execution for Infosys.

How Infosys Lex Helps You Execute Digital Strategy

Strategy execution is a mix of alignment, mindset and capability. Infosys Lex enables them through its mobile-first, seamless, engaging manner.

How Lex helps in ALIGNMENT:

  • Common Platform:

    Lex is a great enabler for aligning talent towards a common goal by being a platform for leaders to share their vision with employees across the globe – be it through live-event streaming or collaborative learning.
  • Enterprise-Wide Reach:

    Employees can hear and see their leaders explain why and how change must be embraced for sustainable growth – both personal and organizational.
  • Consistent & Contextualized Content:

    While leaders share the global vision, local leaders and line managers are enabled to create and share their understanding of the vision and its implication on their group, thus ensuring there is consistent messaging across the organization that is highly contextualized.
  • Social & Feedback-Friendly: Lex’s social features such as sharing and rating allow exchange of ideas and an automatic feedback loop is established.
  • One-Stop Knowledge Sharing Center:

    Lex acts as a one-stop-shop for all knowledge-sharing – employees can see how different departments like marketing, sales, finance, and operations, all come together to align with a new strategy, thereby enabling alignment.

How Lex helps in MINDSET:

To ensure employees work with the right mindset, leaders of organizations translate their wingspan strategy into simple changes that ought to be implemented. These are more detailed and thus require to be contextualized for employees and distributed to them seamlessly.

  • On-the-Go Consumption:

    Infosys Lex has the capability to communicate different types of strategies in the form of easily consumable content available to employees on mobile devices.
  • Ordered Learning with Playlists:

    Influencers can create their playlist for consuming content related to organizational wingspan strategy in the right order to ensure quick and efficient understanding.

How Lex helps in CAPABILITY:

Capability development is home-turf for Infosys Lex. It takes a novel path to achieve this.

  • AI & ML-Powered:

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities help employees upgrade their skills by suggesting relevant courses to acquire next-gen skills, which closely match their current skills.
  • Customized Skill Development:

    For employees who aspire to learn specific skills, the platform suggests a unique customized learning path, where they can create playlists as well as seek mentorship from employees who have already undergone the skill development program.
  • Peer Learning Initiatives:

    Infosys Lex encourages peer learning by allowing employees to put up content of their own, leveraging a systematic curation methodology. This ensures good content is available on Lex at any given point of time, which gets attention from interested learners.

Lex caters to the needs of different segments of talent by providing multiple ways to the same end – talent transformation.

In conclusion, Lex is essentially a digital talent transformation platform that helps leaders execute their digital strategy. After all, a poorly executed strategy, no matter how clever, is worthless. Infosys offers Lex experience to its clients under brand Wingspan. If you are interested in exploring Wingspan strategy for your organisation, please contact us

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