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The benefits of managed learning services

Training to continually upskill your employees and learning and development strategies are crucial to the success and competitiveness of any business. But not every company has the time, resources, and expertise to invest in developing, deploying, and managing training programs. This is where outsourced learning partners and managed learning service providers come in, allowing you to deploy an effective learning environment for your team. Managed training services can be critical in addressing and resolving some of the most common training challenges in today’s learning landscape.

Most common training challenges

Despite the significance of training initiatives for a company’s success, businesses need to overcome several challenges to implement effective learning and development strategies and programs. Some of the most common training challenges managed learning service providers can help resolve are:

  1. Cost

  2. An effective learning landscape needs quality content, expert delivery, robust support systems, and time dedication. Trying to accomplish all this with internal teams can tie up your time, money and resources, thus, costing your business.

  3. Relevancy

  4. Relevancy in training programs has become critical as skill needs are evolving continuously. And creating a personalised and relevant learning experience for each employee with limited in-house resources can become tedious.

  5. Tracking

  6. Monitoring and tracking learner progress is essential to assessing training efficiency. But this takes resources and expertise many businesses may not have.

  7. Expertise

  8. No company can practically hire experts in every niche and for every skill. Hiring experienced experts can become costly very quickly.

  9. Learner Support

  10. Each employee has a different pace of learning, thus needing a personalised learning experience. However, in-house teams often fail to provide this support as they work with limited time and resources.

Benefits of managed learning services

In addition to overcoming the above challenges, partnering with a fully managed learning services provider offers many benefits like:

  1. Better control over your budget

  2. It is not uncommon to overshoot a set budget because of poor visibility, especially if you focus on the wrong thing, making the training ineffective. With managed learning transformation services, you can avoid this uncertainty while allowing you to appropriately stretch your budget to meet your learning and development needs.

  3. Freeing up your resources

  4. Developing interactive training is a time-consuming task, and relying on an in-house team to develop the training material may take experts and resources away from core business functions. Managed training services free up these resources, allowing you to focus on the core business.

  5. A personalised learning experience

  6. Managed learning transformation services facilitate a personalised learning experience for each employee, which is crucial to supporting each employee’s individual needs and ensuring efficient training delivery. You can also deliver more relevant training, adapting and pivoting the learning experience to suit the skill gaps and needs of the employees.

  7. Access to expanded expertise

  8. No company can practically have experts in each industry niche they operate in, thus, lacking the headcount to develop in-house training programs. Partnering with a managed learning solutions provider, you can access an extensive roster of experts across domains and expertise niches to build the knowledge and skill base within your organisation.

  9. Access to quality learning material

  10. Developing learning content is the most time-consuming element of any training program. Investing in managed learning solutions can help you avoid this hassle, facilitate access to high-quality learning material, and allow your experts to focus on core business functions.

  11. Training flexibility

  12. Managed learning services guarantee training flexibility. This way, employees can choose their learning pace, training material is ready for new joiners, and you can easily introduce new training modules as needed. You can also easily pivot your learning strategy and update content to stay responsive.

  13. Full learner support

  14. A personalised learning experience in managed learning services also accounts for the different learning needs and paces of different employees, offering full learner support to each employee.

  15. Better tracking of training performance

  16. Without continuous monitoring, it can be difficult to assess the effectiveness of a training program or its impact on business performance. Managed learning service providers have the resources and tools that can help you effectively track training performance, offering you insights into training effectiveness, strategic needs, and learning ROI.

  17. Access to eCommerce support

  18. Companies often have expertise in a niche and understand their training program can be effective for others as well. However, they do not have the necessary time, resources, and expertise to develop, deploy, and sustain a training program as a revenue-generating stream. Many managed learning service providers can also offer you the eCommerce support necessary to promote and sell your training for a profit.

    In short, partnering with a good managed learning service providers can help you save time and costs while ensuring high levels of training efficiency and improving business productivity and performance.

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How can Infosys BPM help?

Infosys BPM learning bpm services allow you to deploy a cost-effective and efficient learning landscape with end-to-end service offerings for the learning value chain. With services ranging from consulting and strategising, content design and development, delivery, and administration, Infosys BPM is an end-to-end managed learning service providers, allowing you to redefine your learning value chain with interactive and innovative learning solutions.

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