Employer Sponsored


End-to-end product, plan design, documentation, and comprehensive administrative solutions for a wide range of employer-sponsored and voluntary insurance benefit plans

Employer group and employer-sponsored individual insurance products and programs represent a significant opportunity for financial institutions selling into the employee insurance benefit plans markets. Increasingly companies are combining employer-provided group benefits, like life, annuity, disability and long-term care insurance, often with optional employee opportunities to “buy-up” additional coverage through payroll deduction plans. In some cases, employer-sponsored group insurance benefit plans are implemented on a “stand-alone” basis. Infosys McCamish is one of the largest group universal life (GUL) insurance plan administrators in the USA. We have long and deep experience administering insurance plans for clients in these markets.

Infosys McCamish supports employee insurance benefit product and plans products, plan design, documentation, enrollment and comprehensive on-going administration for the most sophisticated plans. We employ our proprietary platforms and expert back office services that are shared in two US locations - Des Moines, Iowa and Atlanta, Georgia. Moreover, we are focused to help you and your client plan sponsors, achieve and maintain the maximum plan design flexibility while meeting the required product, applicable ERISA welfare benefit plan, privacy, and all other Federal and state regulatory compliance requirements.

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