End–to-end marketing support, plan design, documentation, and administrative services and solutions for 409A Retirement Plans

Nonqualified executive deferred compensation programs represent a significant asset gathering opportunity for financial institutions selling into the retirement plans markets. When implemented with a 401(k) plan, voluntary nonqualified deferred compensation plans and employer-paid supplemental plans can increase the total assets under management significantly and help sell the qualified plan. 79% of plan sponsors currently use the same record-keeper for both types of retirement plans.

Infosys McCamish supports marketing, plan design, documentation, enrollment and administration for the most sophisticated plans using our web-based platforms and expert back office services. The system maintains the maximum plan design flexibility within required IRC Section 409A compliance.

Infosys McCamish can also provide all the necessary services in support of a qualified plan record-keeping administration capability on a pure non-platform BPO basis.

VPAS® BPA Platform




  • Our plan design, documentation and recordkeeping platforms and services are structured for Section 409A form and operational compliance
  • Our offering includes support expertise that is focused explicitly on the nonqualified market
  • Our systems are continually refreshed by our R&D investments and driven by our diverse base of clients
  • We provide nonqualified administration to a variety of companies – public, closely-held and non-profits
  • Our platforms are connected electronically from end-to-end to create a seamless transactional pipeline
  • Our unique retirement administration services architecture hierarchical design supports the plan, plan version, participant, account and financial history
  • Plan administration record-keeping is available in various deployment models (SaaS and BPO)


Platforms built for your needs

— Infosys McCamish provides an end-to-end solution for the retirement plan industry that comprises four systems: VPAS® Benefit Plan Administration (VPAS® BPA), ADVISORFOLIO™, DEFERRAL+® and NQBENEFITS™. These systems, specifically developed for marketing, designing, documenting, enrolling and administering nonqualified plans, set us apart from other retirement services solution providers, and are fully compliant with Section 409A.


— At Infosys McCamish, we will implement a solution that is customized to meet your specifications and requirements that can closely integrate with your current web platforms as desired.

Industry-leading retirement expertise

— Our team includes specialists who are experienced in all types of 409A non-qualified deferred compensation retirement plans, and has decades of marketing, design, documentation, funding, implementation and administration experience. By taking charge of your 409A administration processes, we provide you the freedom to focus your attention on selling your core business.


Delivery Model

  • Business processing outsourcing (BPO)

    : We use our robust applications to serve the qualified and non-qualified retirement plan markets. In this model, ’we use what we sell’ to tailor your administrative service requirements to meet your business objectives and free you to focus on your core capabilities. All this, while still providing your agents and customers with industry-leading retirement outsourcing service.
  • Functional Business processing outsourcing (BPO)

    : ): In this model, our team uses your software to help to tailor your retirement process outsourcing service requirements to meet profit objectives and focus on core capabilities.
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

    : We provide expert systems and technical support to companies preferring to deploy existing administrative personnel but require a system specifically designed for their business, which can be accessed from any location.
  • Hybrid

    : We are able to customize our retirement process outsourcing service model to incorporate functional divisions of responsibility with our partners to meet the specific demands of your market.

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