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Infosys McCamish provides solutions for businesses that market group term, permanent, or UL or VUL life insurance, disability, and voluntary employer sponsored welfare benefits insurance programs. We bring together the benefits of the Infosys McCamish VPAS® Platform, coupled with the call center and special group insurance benefit and worksite plan administrative services processes. This special capability is supported by the technical and global scaling power of Infosys BPM and Infosys Technologies.

  • Our systems and services support:
    • Plan implementation
    • Group plan certificate changes
    • Call center support for plans
    • Claims, billing and collections
    • Carrier reporting
  • Our product, plan design, documentation and product recordkeeping platforms and services are all structured for ongoing product (insurance product) and any applicable insurance benefit plan compliance (example: ERISA compliance)
  • Our offering includes support expertise that is focused explicitly on the group and voluntary insurance benefit plans market
  • Our systems are continually refreshed by our R&D investments and driven by our diverse base of clients
  • We provide group and voluntary insurance products and plan administration services for our clients across markets – including public, private and non-profits
  • Our platform functions are connected electronically from end-to-end to create an electronic transactional pipeline from enrollment to claims
  • Our unique platform architecture comprehensively covers all insurance benefit product and plan supporting capabilities in a fully integrated package, and can handle individual life insurance contracts as well
  • Plan administration platforms and services are available to be accessed as modules in support of your existing base systems (for example our customer service work desk and call center capability)

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