Producer Management


Transform your distribution management capabilities

Our solution leverages Producer Management and Compensation Systems (PMACS®), a comprehensive suite of producer and distribution management software modules specifically designed for the insurance industry. It enables faster time-to-market of new compensation plans, is reliable with calculations or accounting, and is easy to manage.

PMACS® supports all life, annuity, security, pension, health, disability and property and casualty products / requirements, and is as flexible as you need it to be. It can be configured any way you want, whether it’s to manage 1,000 or 600,000 producers or for commissions processing for US$2 million or US$1 billion. It includes six modules that can be deployed individually or as a suite of modules — Producer On-Boarding, Producer Management, Compensation Management with Performance Management Accelerator, Performance Management Accelerator, Leads Management and Producer Portal.

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