Producer Management


Breathe life into your operations — Our reusable business rules help configure more than 98% of what you need, and help you introduce new compensation structures in just a few weeks. Our solution supports limitless hierarchy levels, and delivers an increase in operating efficiencies by 30% to 50% through automation and web self-service capabilities.

Stay on top of regulatory requirements — Quickly manage changes to licensing, appointments, CE requirements and maintain a current database of all applicable state rules and regulations.

Get in-depth views of any producer or distributor — PMACS® has producer / commission management gateways to help you quickly import distributor / commission data from multiple systems, so you get end-to-end visibility and comprehensive reporting into all your distribution channels.

Create your preferred operating model — Our solution can be leveraged as business process outsourcing, software as a service, or licensed software. You can choose from one of these service models or operate with a combination of these models as your needs evolve.

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