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Infosys BPM offerings for Aerospace, Automobiles, and Discrete Manufacturing

If you want to ensure precision and quality in every single manufactured unit, we help you achieve it with lean production lines and advanced technologies. At Infosys BPM, our ideology is to deliver first-time-right solutions that benefit your organization in a cost-effective way.

The discrete, automotive, and aerospace industry faces several challenges including:

  • Increased supply chain complexity and the need for managing visibility across extended supply chain
  • Streamlining global supply chain while leveraging local cost-saving opportunities
  • Proliferation of systems and non-standardized processes as a result of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) resulting in process inefficiencies
  • Significant challenges in information management to drive business performance across a range of operating processes
  • Inability to extract business value from implemented technology solutions
  • Proliferation of new products to cater to expanding markets and a corresponding increase in parts under management
  • Volatility in raw material prices

Infosys BPM Automotive, Aerospace, and Discrete Manufacturing practice is uniquely positioned to address these challenges. With deep domain knowledge augmented by technology-led differentiation, we have the expertise to look beyond traditional selling, general, and administrative (SG&A) strategy. Our innovative solutions help make a meaningful difference to your business.

Some of our niche solutions for automobiles, aerospace, and discrete manufacturing that add value to our clients:

Unique Offerings for Aerospace, Automobiles, and Discrete Manufacturing

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