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Our unique blend of marketing subject matter expertise and procurement expertise is designed to optimise your business’ efficiency, value, service, quality and cost effective outcomes. Our extensive category knowledge and benchmarks provide access to industry best practices and help yield from business spend.

Procurement Marketing Services

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Key Capabilities

Marketing Spend Optimisation

A diagnostic analysis of a business’ current agencies, service arrangements, fees, and fit for purpose capability assessment is the first step in optimising your marketing spend. We build a baseline view of your existing costs and assess against benchmark rates. From this, we develop a value creation and opportunity assessment to identify the range of initiatives to generate. The end result is an increased value from existing relationships and filling up the gaps in service delivery and skill sets.

Agency Search, Pitch Management, Remuneration Modelling, and Agency Fee Negotiation

We have extensive experience in navigating a business marketing team through the challenging process of selecting the right mix of agency partnerships. Whether it be creative, media, print, customer relationship management (CRM), website development, digital marketing stack, social, content market, mobile, public relations (PR), experiential marketing, shopper marketing, promotions or research we understand the nuances in each area and know how best to fit the different facets together.

Media Buying Value Creation

We can provide you with benchmarking advice and subject matter expertise to create more value from spend. This can include co-conducting your media vendor rate negotiations and spot audits.

Agency Service, Operating and Process Model Design

As an agency client, you have a scope of work development that needs to align with their fit-for-purpose agency. We optimise the scope of work for each agency a business partners with and assist in setting up a best practise agency village. Through operating and engagement model design, and optimised end-to-end marketing value chain process design, we can design the ideal internal marketing services and content delivery team.

Agency Performance Optimisation and Value Creation

We assess your existing service provider relationships and use our benchmarking to guide the process of direct negotiations with incumbents.

Agency Performance Reviews

To ensure a marketing team’s performance and cost structure are aligned with business objectives and is competitive, we bring in extensive experience in working with various agencies and marketing teams and provide benchmarking for agency labour and production costs. Our tried and tested bespoke agency value and performance management system can supports marketing teams with continuous improvement 360° surveys, workshops and facilitation, KPI development, and performance based remuneration design. We also support you in ensuring compliance audits are conducted as per the agreed rates and contracts.


Our Offerings

The rapid evolution of technology and the increasing number of ways to reach customers require marketing professionals to constantly optimise the return from their marketing budgets to achieve business goals. This requires a much broader skillset than the daily management of teams, budgets, campaign effectiveness, and strategic messaging:

  • Achieving competitive advantage and getting maximum returns on marketing investments.
  • Designing best practice organisational structures and processes to deliver peak performance from both internal resources and external service providers.
  • Ensuring competitive rates, quality of service, and transparency of value being delivered by media buying agency, creative agency, digital services, production, printing, and other services, engaged to deliver marketing programs.
  • Ensuring fit for purpose marketing technologies are sourced and correctly implemented to drive efficiencies.
  • Sourcing the best fit, best performing, and best value delivering agencies and suppliers to meet business needs within an increasingly complex and dynamic marketplace.

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