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Alive and kicking: Breathing life into organizations with Live Enterprise

Sense. Feel. Respond. This is sentience and this is how living organisms sustain and grow themselves. We may have never noticed this, but it is hardwired into our lives. 

Now think of our professional lives and let’s go back a few years. We had to be physically present in offices even for basic administrative work, like giving approvals, or sanctioning leaves. The reasons varied from data security to the need for validation of productivity and the social imperative to be in proximity of co-workers. Things did change to some extent with the advent of company-owned and operated networks, and mobile applications that facilitated digital avenues for several processes. 

Now compare this to what we can do today. Simply access official applications on hand-held devices anytime, anywhere, and you are instantly part of the ecosystem, albeit remotely. Your profile sets the access parameters and the line of authority. It can also generate the to-do lists, necessary reports and insights that are needed for day-to-day operations, accessible with just a few clicks. Take your decisions, approve workflows, sanction requests, and even initiate actions or interventions based on real-time data.

This digital integration is now allowing us to be connected to the workplace round-the-clock, even when pressing personal situations hanker for our attention. We have arrived at the sentient, or what we call the Live Enterprise environment, wherein organizations can sense, feel, and respond to business needs with agility and hyper-productivity. Sounds simplistic, right? But consider all that happening in real-time!

The objective of a Live Enterprise is not just to make the organization sentient, but to make it future-ready to innovate, grow, and exceed customer expectations at speed. Fortunately, I have been on both sides of the spectrum – as a user and as a facilitator of implementation. In my experience, creating a connected organization is imperative for establishing a seamless experience across the board. Of course, creating a Live Enterprise demands effective planning and thoughtful execution. Business processes must be made agile, IT infrastructure should evolve, inter-phases must be simple with actionable insights visible through the process cycle without latency. All these measures converge to instate a customer-first approach in an organization and create connected experiences for employees as well as clients.    

As a user of the pathbreaking Infosys Live enterprise suite on a daily basis, I would attest to the possibilities it can lead us to. Take for example our in-house employee app, Infy-Me, or our Live Enterprise tool for productivity and learning, Lex. The pivotal role such tools and apps played during the pandemic in enabling the entire organization to work remotely, is undeniable. With the help of the Live Enterprise operating model that Infosys has been deploying internally, we produced groundbreaking output in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, experience, empathy, and the bottom line. The application of sentient principles in processes and user journeys helped us remove latency and implement superior levels of user experience across channels. The sentient principle is complemented by micro change management to drive change across the enterprise. Layering the enterprise core with artificial intelligence has helped us reimagine the entire ecosystem, facilitating lucid collaboration of organizations with customers, suppliers, and other relevant stakeholders. 

The implementation of Live Enterprise with clients yielded results beyond expectations. To cite an example, we have been working with a global major and in the last few years, the key problem statements articulated by the client included latency on key metric insights, trailing user experience, delayed decision making and response time. With the company’s appetite for change, the stage was set to replicate the internal success of Live Enterprise with our client. We worked with the client to create the enabling digital infrastructure to have all the relevant data on a secure cloud network, built visualization on it for live insights at the click of a button and provided UI to keep the user experience simple, intuitive & omni-channel. Soon there could be a situation where all client asks could be met automatically at speed with key metrics moving into the Best-in-Class levels, centralized customer journeys for better user experience, and agile decision-making based on actionable data insights. 

As per a recent study, a majority of enterprises are still in the early stages of accelerating their digital journey and are actively looking for ways to exponentially accelerate and scale up. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is that businesses need to respond increasingly like a living organism, adapting in real time to their environment, global crises, or shifting market and customer preferences. 

In a Live Enterprise, intuitive decisions can be made automatically at scale, value chains are more agile and responsive, and experiences are perceptive, while considering users and their needs ahead of time. The Live Enterprise Suite thus comprises frameworks and services that have been architected for the future, helping create a polycloud environment. It helps reimagine user experience with hyper personalization and accelerates transformation through industry and functional solutions. It enables real-time actionable insights for immediate, concrete outcomes while laying the groundwork for enterprises to operate with dynamism in the future. 

This article was first published by Nearshore Americas.