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From Parramatta to the World

Parramatta is situated in the State of New South Wales, Australia. This buzzing suburb is 20 minutes from the west of Sydney central business district and is home to our Delivery Centre. Vijay Melukote, Associate Vice President and Client Partner-GovConnect NSW, shares his experience of heading the Australian operations, the country's love for sports and more in his interview.

  1. Please elaborate on the work done at your delivery centre and its history?

    Parramatta Delivery Center is two and a half years old and is located in Sydney. Employees manage F&A and HRO - Employee life cycle for few of New South Wales' state agencies and also manage services for a few other clients in telecom and banking sectors in the local market.

  2. How has your experience been with Infosys BPM?

    My experience with Infosys BPM has been positive and eventful. I have gained a lot of confidence, new work skills and expanded my knowledge base both professionally and personally.
    I have never worked with an organization with such cultural diversity and have learnt quite a bit about other cultures and how to work effectively within a team environment, including employees hailing from various cultural backgrounds.

    Infosys facilitates such an environment flawlessly, bringing about a sense of unity as we achieve our professional KPI`s. We are treated very fairly and equally within the organisation. Recognitions and rewards are given quarterly via certificates and gift cards, which is amazing. The other great thing about this program is that it is shared equally, and everyone is fairly awarded and recognized.

  3. What is your favorite part of work?

    The lance that the company promotes, it gives me the freedom to do more activities outside of work that helps to enhance my personality. Stress, for me, is just a thing of the past.
    The best part of my work is having the freedom to express myself - to laugh when I need to de-stress; to speak and actually be heard, and to perform, not just because I'm paid to do it but because I'm inspired to be the best.

  4. How would you describe the overall employee profile/ diversity in your delivery centre?

    As for diversity in the workplace, we will have to be among the most diverse workplaces in the world. Almost half of the population is made up of first or second generation Australians. A quick picture of the Australian Society is a perfect example of Diversity. 28% of our population was born overseas; another 20% have a parent who was born overseas; about 20% of our population speaks a language other than English at home.

  5. Which country is most likely to win this year's football world cup and why?

    I think Germany will win the world cup and will be back-to-back Champions. The German team has a decent depth in all areas of the field and always gives 150% which make them hard to beat. Sheer determination will outplay and beat fancy football when it matters most. The feel-good story for the world cup would be Australia, Iceland or Peru making it past the group stages of the world cup to the knock-out phase.

    From Parramatta to the World: Infosys BPM Australia

  6. What's your favorite memory with respect to the football world cup?

    I remember this particular moment in 2006 final match when Zinedine Zidane headbutted the opponent, which shook the whole world.
    The best memory of football is how Ronaldo tackled the ball in front of the fullback defender and goalkeeper to score the goal. His smile back to the camera after the goal was memorable.

  7. Please share some thoughts on your country's footballing culture.

    A very big part of Australia`s culture is their love for sports and football is one among them, a game that was invented here and played soon after the first Australians arrived in Melbourne 170 years ago. That's why we call Australian Football a 'fair dinkum' Aussie game.

    Australian Football or Footy is played on a big oval-shaped field in front of huge crowds up to 80,000. We play on oval-shaped fields rather than rectangles because we play on cricket grounds which are oval. Australian Football is the only football game in the world that is played on an oval-shaped field rather than a rectangle.